2004-12-09 17:34:06 ET
wow thats fucked up about dimebag who the fuck would do something like that...people have problems.
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     2004-12-03 06:40:11 ET
went on saw Isis on wensday night i spent $75 on merch it was a wicked fun show....also the last message about me being bored outta my skull and sending me messages is anytime so do it...send me messages.

     2004-11-29 14:41:27 ET
i am bored outta my skull someone help me...send me a message on aim-tortured3 or msn-blackgoatsemen@hotmail.com
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     2004-11-26 15:57:04 ET
today i was preached to about jesus on the bus home from downtown...and how jesus has a plan for me...i get preached to alot...could it of been my Eyehategod shirt with a preacher holding a bible to a kids head and then hold a gun to the bible?could it be my many facial piercings?could it be the zombies i have tattooed on my arm???hmm maybe a little of all of it...anyways it would be nice not to be preached to.....damn jesus freaks...i dont mind if you are religious just dont push it on me.

     2004-11-22 20:32:08 ET
Added a new pic...well a better version of an old pic thanks to Antipathy...she rocks thanks for the recolors...the other will be up when i resize it.
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