2005-04-29 13:50:12 ET
well i know i dont update enough on here...and i need to put newer pics up...i am really bored right now...someone should bug me on aim-tortured3 or msn-blackgoatsemen@hotmail.com come people talk to me right now. :)....dont make me beg...just tell me who you are if you send a message.
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     2005-03-29 18:38:51 ET
Well going to NYC next week...gonna go to some museums and stuff...might go work at a tattoo shop my friend works at...i will be piercing if i get the job...which i do anyways so it will be all good.Anyone want some extra holes by me?

     2005-01-20 20:08:18 ET
well i am going to NYC feb 10th-14th should be fun times i always have fun when i go to NYC.Anyone live in NYC???Or near there???
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     2005-01-09 07:34:32 ET
havent updated in a bit...hope everyone had a good xmas and new years...i will add new pics soon...i have done a few cool piercings lately like a 10g septum and also a hood piercing...well leave me some messages i love getting them either in this diary entry or private ones i dont care which:)

     2004-12-10 11:42:23 ET
went out and did some xmas shopping today...its a cold rainy day....bought myself a few things also;)....

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