2004-11-21 17:22:42 ET
Hey people sorry i dont update this as much as i should...it would make me update more often if more people talked to me on here....so if you drop by drop me a line or two....new pics will come as soon as i resize them.

     2004-10-28 15:04:11 ET
hmmm i forgot about this site for a little bit haha...well to reward people i am gonna post some new pics..when i resize them.

     2004-09-26 09:47:39 ET
went out with some friends last night it was fun times i would post pics if i felt like resizing them but i dont hahah
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     2004-09-22 21:40:14 ET
got my new computer today too yay for new stuff.
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     2004-09-22 13:21:37 ET
got a kick ass new belt buckle today i love belt buckles...i will post pics when i take some...will post pics of my fav belt buckle too;)
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