leap year, muthafucka    2004-02-29 05:17:21 ET
okay, so i don't really hate everything. just schoolwork, always having things hanging over my head, time and the lack thereof, money, people who steal my shit after i spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars throwing a party for said people, having to do laundry for three days straight, being a chick, the strange knots on my neck that i can't afford to have checked out, my fucking wisdom teeth which are coming in sideways, the burnt tip of my tongue, itching/burning, impending death, unwanted houseguests, drama, working super early on saturdays, blacking out, phonecalls early in the morning on sundays, losing my nosering in my sleep, having to miss people.

the five or six week vacation i took from doing any of my assignments for school certainly has come back to bitchslap me in the face. along with the whole semester's worth of readings and assignments i have to do, i now also have three midterm papers, three midterm exams and one giant, very important presentation for my grad seminar. i'll be ever so glad when spring break hits and i can be done with this bullshit for a week. (okay, not likely. considering how much i have to do, i'm sure i'll still be playing catch up during spring break. shit, i'd better or i'll never get done. that said, i probably won't do any work then either. whatever.)

oh, and speaking of spring break--guess who's going skydiving? ah, yes. i'm crossing my fingers and hoping it will be utterly terrifying. i need to be frightened in some way other than the standard it's-late-at-night-and-i-am-a-girl-walking-the-dark-streets-alone-so-here's-to-hoping-i-don't-get-robbed/kidnapped/raped/killed. it should be a good change of pace.

wait, something else about school: i was given some award for which the faculty of one's department votes; it's some prestigious bollock that has resulted in every faculty member i come across at school congratulating me. who knew that any of these people even knew who i was. and how is it that i have the whole faculty convinced that i'm the best sociology student at the school when i can't even get myself to do any of these damn homework assignments? i'm too busy passing beer 601, section 1 with flying colors.

 in short:    2004-02-25 11:14:16 ET
i fucking hate everything.

 i'm supposed to be in my sociology of class, status and power class right now...    2004-02-20 07:46:44 ET

there's been a great deal going on, but i don't know that i feel like disclosing it. the ex-girlfriend-of-my-best-friend roommate moved out and we replaced her with yet another one of our best friends from danville. this brings the official score to house of pain: 5, danville: 0. this also leaves all of two friends left in danville that i still really care about and make a point of seeing whenever possible. if we could get them to move up, it would be ON.

so, i don't know, school, work, blah, blah. i've been pretty much blowing off everything else in favor of drinking beer and hanging out. i guess i've just got bad senioritis. how typical. my classes have been decent, though (from what i can recall of those rare instances in which i actually a) go to class, and b) pay attention rather than writing long, analytical letters to myself in my notebooks). i'm going to be doing my grad seminar thesis on suicide, so that should be interesting. ever since i read ...or not to be over the summer whilst becoming obsessed with deloused in the comatorium followed up by an old friend of mine killing himself, i've been quite intrigued by the topic. i'll probably focus on some measure of inequality and how it affects the likeliness of suicide amongst certain groups or some shit like that.

tonight is the hank iii show ever so conveniently located right down the street from my house! last time i saw him play there, no one else even approached him after the show as he was packing up his equipment off the stage--except me, of course. i talked to him for a little while, but had i known then what a slut he's rumored to be, i would have been a little more, um, indiscreet. but there's always tonight...

today's dilemma: wash the sheets that still smell of him and quit thinking about it or leave as is and reminisce?
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     2004-02-13 17:40:00 ET

 music says it better than i can:    2004-02-10 20:28:59 ET
come for the week
you can sleep in my bed
and pass through my life
like a dream through my head
it will be easy
i'll make it easy....

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