welly well    2004-01-26 01:15:18 ET
it's happened again. 5:45am this time.
at least school was cancelled today.

     2004-01-25 05:08:30 ET
fuck this stupid shit. today's the only chance i have all week to sleep in. i crawl into bed, drunk, at about 5:30 this morning...and then wake up at 9?? what kind of sick joke is this?
today i wanna go look at tattoo parlors and, more specifically, the tattoos within them. not that i'd ever pick a piece off of a wall, but i could use some inspiration. the anticipated snow might ruin all chances of that happening regardless. i'll forgive that so long as school is cancelled tomorrow.
sleep, how dare you thwart me yet again. fucking ridiculous.

 today's bushism: "rarely is the question asked: is our children learning?"    2004-01-21 19:32:18 ET
so, i don't know. more classes today and they seemed fine. i have to write a 4-5 page paper tonight, so i'll be getting started on that shortly. it's only been my second day of class and this will already be the second 4-5 page paper i'll have written.
i went to barnes and nobles earlier to purchase a bible for my bible as lit class. i wanted a very, very cheap paperback one that would disintegrate in my bookbag by the end of the semester. but once i got in there in front of the four bookcase selection of bibles, i became more picky. i imagine i looked slightly ridiculous standing there wearing the bright, bright red bad religion shirt that matches my hair so well, squinting at and scrutinizing bibles. i finally picked up a simple, small black leather one with silver embossing and silver lined pages. new century version, because fuck some king james.

see? this is what happens when i've got nothing better to talk about and i really, really don't want to start on homework.

this whole grad school thing is turning out rather interesting. i'm not even in the program (or officially accepted yet) and already i've gained a reputation in the department. it seems that every sociology grad student or faculty i meet knows who i am before i can even say my name. i've got two meetings set up for this monday to speak with the directors of various programs with which the sociology department is involved. it's strange to be in this position where people are vying to get you in their corner and you're bartering yourself out in turn. it's like one very complex and serious game of poker. i've never been very good at gambling.
and you know, everyone says i'm such a promising scholar and a dedicated student and blah, blah and all i'm thinking is that i want to come home, crack a beer and listen to some punk rock.

anyway. day after tomorrow the two dollar pistols are gonna be playing down the street at poe's pub. now, this would usually mean an evening of cattle skull attire, mass consumption of pabst, drunken dancing and all-in-all rocking out. however, i have to be at work by 7am the next day for a ten hour day of entertaining a few hundred children and their bitchy parents. therefore, the pabst consumption must be reduced from "mass" to adequate" and all else will proceed as planned.
enough of this shit already.

 as the words dribbled off of its chin...    2004-01-20 13:38:15 ET
so i'm thinking maybe i should just use this journal in a completely opposite way from how i use my other online journal and then perhaps i'll actually write in it every once in a while. as in, i could actually talk about all the mundane bullshit that co-authors this existence.

my roommate got a d.u.i. last night. this being after she was pulled over by another cop a couple of weeks ago whilst being thoroughly trashed, slurring, having spilled a drink all over the inside of her car during the officer's interrogation and even dropping her i.d. as she handed it to the cop and being unable/too drunk to retrieve it so that the cop had to make her get out of the vehicle and stand by the trunk while he rescued it from underneath her seat. after all of that, it turned out that the dmv was down at the time and so all she got was a warning to drive slower (which still doesn't make any sense, i mean, shouldn't the cop have done SOMETHING regardless considering how inebriated she was??). well anyway, she apparently didn't learn her lesson from that little encounter and last night she didn't get off so easily. sucks for her.
some people should just learn how to take a hint/not push their luck/not behave as if consequences don't exist.

in other news, the best friend i have that still lived in my hometown moved in with us last week. one happy girl this makes me.
and my last semester of undergrad started today. i'm taking a grad course under the director of the program to which i applied for grad school this fall. from the looks of this course, grad school is gonna be as difficult and time consuming as everyone has always said. fuck. i was really hoping everyone was wrong. will this mean i'll have to actually become a good student to keep my 4.0? whatever shall our tragic heroine do....

 so    2004-01-16 05:37:36 ET
they tell me i have to start using this or they'll take it away. we'll see how that goes.

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