2004-06-22 15:34:37 ET
...this whole life thing. how strange.

     2004-06-07 11:19:39 ET
so, what's been going on? i've settled nicely into a summertime ritual of sleeping in, going to work, coming home and getting wasted with my roommates, having great sex and passing out. it's swell. only thing that sucks is that my part-time hours at work are being upgraded so "sleeping in" means getting up at 9am for the next three weeks and then after that, i'll have to be up by 6-7am for the rest of the summer. suck. but at least my job's been going well. today was my first day of training for teaching summer camp classes, so i basically got paid to build and launch rockets, create electron fields and fabricate lightning all day. fun stuff.

speaking of fun stuff: this past thursday was my boy's birthday. i got him a porn pin of a girl tonguing a clit, a pair of nice, impossible to escape leather bondage handcuffs, a twelve pack of heineken (which was the first decent beer i've bought since i turned 21 back on halloween--i only ever buy the cheapest for myself), and then i baked him a cake. the cake was probably my favorite part (okay, maybe not--i'm really enjoying those bondage cuffs). it was butter fudge with butter cream icing, but best of all, i decorated it by drawing a big dick in pink icing and writing "9.5'...and growing!" on it. that opened up many avenues for fun remarks about swallowing down tasty cock. what a sweet girlfriend i am. well, i have my moments at least.

um...nothing much else has been going on, really. we've still been unable to find a replacement for one of our girls for our burlesque show on july 24th. so, if you or anyone you know live in the richmond area and are interested in participating in a fun, raunchy burlesque show, contact me! my partner and i have also begun mapping out our next burlesque show, which will be a sordid and sexed up version of a rock'n'roll high school. we're going to have slutty cheerleaders, bondage quarterbacks, girls' locker rooms, very bouncy pillow fights, cat fights, etc. it shall kick utmost ass.

i guess that's it, really. hm.

 even violence is no fun today    2004-05-22 15:02:24 ET
it's nice to be able to feel bored for once. quite the change. but at the same time, i'm sick of it for today so i'm going to finally fold up my laundry and work on presents for certain deserving friends.

today was vcu graduation and i did not attend. most people seem so surprised that i don't want to wear some tidy dress i'd otherwise not be caught dead in underneath a big nylon robe and stupid square shaped hat out in the hot sun waiting around while people make boring speeches and slowly get called up to the stage just so some superior faculty member can hand me a blank piece of paper that symbolizes the piece of paper that symbolizes that i graduated. i hate ceremonies. the fact that i got to quit going to class last tuesday is closure enough for me.

i will, however, be attending my buddy's graduation party tonight. my old roommate from radford, kimbo, is gonna be in town which means that the drunkeness and giddiness are inevitable. i really love that chick. then tomorrow our pal mac, who owns the bar that hosted our show last weekend, is having a pig pickin'. picking pigs isn't exactly in line with my vegetarian lifestyle, but the grilled veggies and free beer appeal to me plenty.

speaking of our show, a connection contacted us earlier today with an offer to perform our show again down in the norfolk area. we are all very stoked. the show kicked so much ass that we're dying to do it again anyway and this time without any of the technical difficulties. the only major suck is that jodi, who was a very central character in the show, moved far, far away yesterday so we need someone to fill in her spot. wish us luck with that one.

i guess that's about all that's going on. i went and saw the business play this tuesday and that was pretty fun (while it lasted). next weekend the voxals are playing a show at the temple and i'll be going into town anyway to a) hopefully see my girl nickey and to b) ring in my dawg melanie's 21st.

ah, yes. the drunken fun of summer.

 well hung and snow white tan    2004-05-17 09:55:15 ET

i got that summer job, so maybe i'll be able to afford living this summer after all. i'm at this place called mad science. it's basically the same job i've done at the museum for the past two years teaching interactive science classes to kids. so it should go pretty decently.

the burlesque show has come and gone and was a fabulous success. both bands did a stellar job and the audience went apeshit for our show. afterwards i got a thousand compliments, offers for free drinks, insistances that we have another burlesque show and even a long stemmed red rose from some chick. from what i can remember of the after party that we threw, that was fun too. we all passed out at about 7am and by the time i got out of bed at noon, all our houseguests had exited the scene.

and then after that, this being yesterday, my father drove up here to pick me up and he and i went and saw MR. DAVID FUCKING BOWIE play at george mason. hotdamn, was it ever excellent. considering i've had a crush on bowie since i saw him in labyrinth back when i was too young to even be in school, it was quite exciting to finally see him. he's been my dad's favorite musician since he was a highschooler, so i was glad to have been able to hook him up with a ticket so that he could finally see him play, too. he played an awesome set, selections from just about every album with fun stage lights and theatrics and it went on for two and a half hours. he was really fucking charming, too. he laughs like a bell bursting and is witty and clever and silly and sexy as sin (how can a 56 year old man still look so good?). ah, yes. the love is real.

and that brings me to today, i guess. still haven't gotten any adequate sleep since exams started about three weeks ago and i'm exhausted, eyeing that bed and contemplating a nap. today was my first day of work at my new job and the rest of the day will be reserved for laundry, cleaning my bedroom and getting in a few more hours at the museum before my services there are no longer needed.

my life is pretty okay right now. now if only things could somehow work out for the people i love who are having an especially rough time, i'd be without complaints.

 it's not nice to decapitate people    2004-05-12 14:49:36 ET
so, i've been super fucking busy. i FINALLY (finally!) finished undergrad yesterday. now i get three very, very needed months off. i need a summer job with a desperate quickness seeing as how my last day at the museum is friday. i've already applied at one place, so i'm hoping that works out.

our big burlesque show is this weekend and everyone should come out for it cause it's gonna be da dope shit. we've been busting our asses and the hardest stretch of preparation is just beginning. these last few days are going to be a feat. after all the work we've done, this damn thing better be a success.

what else? the vaguely mentioned possible sixth roommate has indeed moved in, and moved into my bedroom at that, so now i'm having great sex all the time. hoorah for that.

well, as much as i love to procrastinate -- and i DO! -- i need to get back to work on the show now. later gators.

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