i won't forget who i'm looking for    2005-01-25 09:41:15 ET
well it's the second day of class and i'm already typing up proposals for the end-of-the-semester 50 page papers that are always and forever due.

believe you me: this grad school shit is no joke!

 blahdeedah    2004-08-11 14:22:19 ET
sooo...i ended up getting a nasty urinary tract infection that spread into nasty bladder and kidney infections so i have spent the past week being sick as FUCK. my troubles started this past tuesday while i was at warped tour so that pretty much ruined that seeing as how i could barely sit up and keep breathing. my typical chaotic show routine was cancelled, needless to say, but i DID manage to stand up long enough to see the groovie ghoulies play from two feet away and to get them to play "valentine" for me. that was the highlight of the day, no contest. also saw the casualties, bad religion, anti-flag and tiger army again and lars and the bastards for the first time. they all played good sets but all of those except for the casualties played inside an ampitheater where it was impossible to get close so that sucked. not that i could have stood up had been able to get up close anyway, but you know. principle.

so the hideous infection continued and i was bed-ridden and left alone in this house for 12 hours each day unable to even walk to the bathroom one door down and going fucking stir-crazy. the pain was insane and i spent a lot of time curled into a ball sobbing and feeling sorry for myself. this was magnified when i was unable to attend the cure/rapture show that i have been looking forward to my whole fucking life and for which i already had $55 tickets. woe is fucking me, man. then we had to cancel our burlesque show in charlottesville because i was still no better. sorry to anyone planning on coming who i let down on that.

then one of those nights--thursday maybe?--i almost passed out from the pain--falling over, eyes rolling back in head, unable to speak, that kinda thing--and my roommates freaked out and tried calling the ambulance for me. i disallowed the ambulance but i did allow them to take me to the ER. they hooked me up on a couple of pain killers and a prescription for antibiotics and sent me on my way. it took another several days for me to get better and in the meantime i could have no alcohol, no caffeine, no spicy food and no sex. all of my favorite things, gone. someone should have just shot me.

but by saturday afternoon i was feeling halfway alive and it was beautiful out so i made my roommates take me out to get some fresh air. we went and played on a couple of playgrounds and went to a lake and sat on the dock with our feet in the water and chilled with ice cream. it was quite fun. then on sunday my boy and i went to the beach and had a swell time playing in the ocean, hanging out on the shore, walking the boardwalk, getting dinner, etc. finally, i was beginning to heal.

but i have missed SO MUCH work due to all this that i don't know what to do. i'm going to have less than $200 on my check for the past two entire weeks. and that, kids, sucks. here's me wishing i wouldn't have spent a needed $55 on tickets for a show i didn't even get to see.

and let's not even think about the medical bills awaiting me from this.

or how i need to buy books for my classes which start in two weeks.

or about how bills are due this friday.


but hey, i'm alive, and that's good, right? RIGHT. so now i'm sitting here trying to figure out if there are shows for the following bands playing close to me: the queers, the adicts, the exploited, seven shot screamers, uk subs.
i've found that the uk subs are having a show nov. 1st in d.c. and the adicts are in roanoke on sept. 28th but those others are seemingly only coming as close as baltimore. don't know if i can swing baltimore right now on my (extremely) limited budget, but we shall see. we all know how much i love spending money on shows and then going without physical necessities as a result. if anyone has any info. on those shows or any others in the richmond area i should know about, hook a sistah up!

birthdays: my nephew turns 3 this friday, my best friend/roommate/partner extraordinaire turns 23 this saturday and my sister-in-law turns 20-something next sunday. love, love, love.

and then schools starts in two weeks. then the question shall be answered: will ingi be able to get through grad school bullshitting as she has done with her academic career thus far or will she actually have to start [GASP] applying herself?!? time will tell....

 if you focus very hard the train will come for you at last    2004-07-20 10:41:35 ET
sitting at my desk, still sticky from all day outdoor rocket launching at work even though that ended three and a half hours ago. been running errands like a madwoman (mad scientist?) and now that i'm sitting still, i'm remembering all the things i've forgotten to do and kicking myself, hard and repeatedly.

our next show is this saturday in norfolk at this place called relative theory. it's all about half naked girls, sex, scandal, murder and rock'n'roll. if you're in the area, you should come out...if you're into that kind of thing.

we've also got our third burlesque show booked which will be in charlottesvile on august 7th at the tokyo rose. C'MON OUT.

agenda for the day:

take nap.
call neighbor and plea for help concerning tech shit for the show (i really should've done this part sooner).
work on said show.
boy comes home from work --> molest viciously.
shower with said boy.
beer, beer, beer.
pass out.

also: the rapture is so my shit right now. very excited about seeing them open for the cure (!!!) in two and a half short weeks. yay.

     2004-06-30 08:55:53 ET
i got my tickets for the cure in the mail yesterday.

the blood brothers show in baltimore is a week and a half away.

heavy fucking rebel (aka The Best Event of the Year: www.heavyrebel.com) is this weekend!

goddamn, how i love live music and the opportunity to see it.

 just so you know    2004-06-28 10:20:56 ET
fahrenheit 9/11 ROCKS. go see it.
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