good news!    2005-02-13 09:39:22 ET
that baltimore 7seconds show i was bitching about having to miss? they are going to play the night BEFORE i leave for the bahamas and IN RICHMOND rather than a few hours away! HIP HIP FUCKING HOORAH!!!

now here's to hoping that my very deserving boyfriend and our other roommate will be able to get off work early enough to come with.

 why didn't i write this?    2005-02-09 16:59:36 ET
this song is lyrically one of my favorites of all time.

"well, you say that i treat you like a book on a shelf
i don't take you out that often
'cause i know that i completed you
and that's why you are here
that's the reason you stay here
how awful that must feel

you said you'd be my dream
i could have you every night
and if by morning i'd forgotten you
well, no big deal, that'd be all right
'cause you're the reoccuring kind
you are the reoccuring kind
you never really leave my mind

are you the love of my lifetime
'cause there's been times i've had my doubts
we were just kids when i first kissed you
in the attic of my parents' house
and i wish we were there now
it took so long to figure out
what this book has been about

now i write when i'm away
letters that you'll never read
you said go explore those other women
the geography of their bodies
but there's just one map you'll need
you're a boomerang you'll see
you will return to me

you will. you? will. you will? you will.

because if you don't then this book's all lies
if you don't then my plans would all be ruined
if you don't, i'll start drinking like the way i drank before
and i just won't have a future anymore."

 i keep making these to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out    2005-02-07 16:50:29 ET
well, i am finally feeling better. that cold kicked the shit out of me; i was unable to leave bed for a week. and that is way, way too much time left to my own devices. i drive myself insane when i don't have others to inflict my annoyance upon because then it is all self-inflicted and i am too obnoxious even for myself to tolerate. beware of this cold, everyone. that shit just kept getting worse and worse until i was vomiting stomach acid and unable to keep down water and spending the days cying in self pity and moaning loudly in discontent. but then finally on saturday i woke up feeling halfways alive just in time to get outside and enjoy the remarkably warm weather (60 degrees when it was snowing here just two days prior? wtf?) and inhale some fresh air. it's monday now and i'm still feeling worn out and run down from being sick for so long and getting so little sleep all week and i still have about two weeks worth of mucus to cough up out of my lungs, but i think its all on the incline from here. so hiphip for that.

so, i'm just sitting at home alone right now, waiting on the roommates to get off of work. levit&pants are off partying in 'nawlins as i write this and i'm sure they're having a splendid time. tonight is either the night that they are going on their haunted tour and then to the uber-goth (what the hell, laptops can't do umlauts??) club or the night of their fancy dinner followed by a visit to the sex club; i forget which. and in five short weeks twat and i will be on a luxurious tropical vacation in the bahamas! EX-CITE-MENT.

um, don't really know what else. i'm supposed to be doing homework right now, but...yeh. good thing this is the journal in which i never even remotely pretend to be articulate or have depth or else i'd update much less than i do. i think i'll just go look for some more fun stuff to book for my up&coming vacation and continue to ignore that whole homework thing. later, gators.

 whyyyyyyy?    2005-02-02 08:22:29 ET
why must the 7 seconds, AKA one of my favorite punk bands of all time, tour with kill your idols, which i also enjoy immensely, yet choose to come within my proximity on the same day that i am leaving for the bahamas so that i cannot bask in all their glory??? goddammit.

it doesn't help that i'm sick as shit with some kind of cold/flu, am missing way too much work and class, and am spending the days being lonely, emo and feeling sorry for myself.

even i am tired of hearing my bitching.

 erm.    2005-01-28 13:55:44 ET
well, i might as well write while i'm here.

i'm sitting on my unmade bed (i just throw the comforter over the piles of pillows and blankets these days and pretend that it's "made") trying to help my roommate/best friend/partner extraordinaire, levit, hook up her shiny new laptop to my wireless router so that both of our sexy new laptops can simutaneously experience the joy that is not having to deal with lameass dialup. between the repititious dell pc on hold messages and spending way, way too much time in fucking kinkos today i'm not sure how much more of our swell technology i can take.

oh, which reminds me -- my car is fucking dead AGAIN! i finally took it in for that ignition recall for which chevrolet has been bombarding me with notices for the past several months, and it seems that they in turn killed my car. as if it were not enough that i had to sit in the waiting room with only some lifetime movie starring david hasselhof to amuse myself for two excruciating hours.
it ended up stranding me in the neighborhood beside school where i park, in the freezing cold, for a couple of hours until i finally caught a bus home. the dealership towed it away today so hopefully they will claim all responsibility and fix that shit with a quickness.

as you can tell, i have nothing of importance to say so rambling will continue to ensue.

so boyfriend and i are going to the bahamas for spring break. this all started out when aforementioned roommate levit went to las vegas and didn't have nearly as much fun as she wanted because the friend she went with was a bi-polar party-pooper. so she decided that we should all (as in levit, her boy andy, my boy-toy jay and myself) should go to mardi gras to make up for that loss. however, andy and jay work together and their fascist bosses would not allow both of them to take vacation time at once so jay and i were excluded. to make up for our great disappointment, i decided that he and i should go on a fabulously luxurious trip to the bahamas. and that's how it happened.
so now we have reservations for a five day/four night stay in that hotel in nassau with the crystal palace casino inside. we're going to be snorkeling with sharks (that's right, fuckers; we're hardcore like that), riding out to remote islands robinson crusoe style, gambling, parasailing, drinking, drinking and drinking. granted, we're still missing out on that trip to new orleans next week but this ought to make up for it.

well i guess that's enough rambling for now...i could start detailing all the FUN and EXCITEMENT of school but i'll leave that for future torture sessions.

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