hello hello    2005-03-12 21:54:00 ET
computer is being gay but thats ok me and miss kandess
is getting a new one when we get a job
must get job now but anyway so everything is cool
ummmmmm i love my miss kandess.
we should be getting jobs here pretty soon anyways
been listening to alot of the used and tacking back sunday
and some apc

 hi    2005-03-07 22:57:09 ET
hello to all its been bitch in a half trying to find a
car but thats ok though we'll find one. it was a beautiful
day yesterday nice weather. i really dont have much to
say but thats normal right :) just needed to say hi.

 hello    2005-03-01 10:45:59 ET
today has been really nice its been snowing and stuff
but its really nice though.
just got world of warcraft but we have to reformat
the computer before we can play it
dont know what to say
so i beleive thats about it. its been a nice day
got a game yea yea yea thats about it so

 world conquest    2005-02-24 13:58:58 ET
lick the edge of your computer right now........... done good.
now my plan for world conquest is underway muhahahahahahahahaha.
i have lased your computer screan with slave potions. now go clean my room. muhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah. jk but wouldnt that be the shit... no i dont think i would make anybody clean my room. its awful
but not as bad as last time......bye

(they have fallen for my plans) oh hey you know nothiiiiinnnnnnnggggg

 simpl or complex    2005-02-18 08:55:15 ET
here is my thought for the year. does everything have to be complex
why,in order for something to be quality the mentility is complexity
(excuse spelling). why cant things be simple. now i know that sometimes its good to be complex you know to have deminshen (spelling sorry)or whatever but is it not good to be simple why have layers when you can look at something know thats what it is instead of haveing to dig through
whatever to find it. it was just a thought i had........bye
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