2005-02-17 07:32:19 ET
trying to stay positive and yes dare i say energetic cause i know when everyone feels better it will be my turn to feel like shit
thats all i wanted to say.....so....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......bye

 vday    2005-02-15 10:50:48 ET
vday went good considering everyone was sick but thats ok it could have been worse im just glad i got to spend it with her. she gave me a message in a bottle and chocolate covered strawberries mmmmmmmmm.......stawberries. i wrote a song and sang it to her on vday.
i was really nervous but everything went well. so thats about it bye.

 nothing    2005-02-12 08:59:26 ET
im bored as fuck that considering if fuck was bored or something anyway
this sucks im at the house nothing to do so here i am so hi.......um .....talk.....say something dammmit the silence is blinding..
no wait i mean. i cant hear and stuff.....fuck.....whatever bye

..............red apples king caught fire hey are you ready i can see
you are blind this sucks hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.......bye

 Ray Charles    2005-02-07 12:18:23 ET
i watched ray with kandess not to long ago pretty good i wont be watching again anytime soon there are parts in that movie that put chills down my spine. anyway thats about all i have to write about right now.

 The Lost Musicain    2005-02-01 03:59:14 ET
here latly i have found myself confused. it seems like im in the dark
and all i can hear is noise and thats it. it drives me insane that im not the musicain i should be because as far as music goes it feels like im lost. its almost annoying. i know god will work everyhting out. just have to keep praying.sometimes i dont want to wait sometimes it feels like patience has been wasted and im going to wake up to a hand in the face
snapping my neck back to reality. that maybe an exageration but you get my point but its ok i know it will work out. this is what i have chosen to do and i'll dig my grave before i give up. i just needed to get it off my chest. thank you for induring my complaning. i dont mean to just somethings need venting sometimes. thank you again

i know god always has a funny way of working things out.

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