hobbies    2005-02-01 03:36:12 ET
i am taking i new hobby drawing im going to learn to draw manga
should be intresting never was much of an artist but i would like to learn
if i keep doing the drawing thing i would really like to draw pictures
like realism\fantasy but this is years into the future. besides, that im going to start (beleive it or not ) working out. im going to start learning thi chi(excuse the spelling) but i dont know when. thats all for now

 I Made It Myself    2005-01-28 22:38:22 ET
yes yes Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss i have returned fully clothed unfortunatly but here none the less saddly enough not much has changed getting ready for valentines and thats it just wanted to post to tell everyone how much i missed you all bye for now.

 fear    2004-08-09 14:07:58 ET
is fear so dominate that sometimes we fear.... having fear
like most men i'll use them as an example since most men do it. like if someone you know we'll call him..... bob for now goes on and on about how theyre not afraid of anything that theres not anything on this earth that can freighten them not even death. now this is just a thought so if i affend someone i apoligize. but anyway would that not bring you to the conclusion that they're afraid of having fear. because everyone has something that they are afraid of thats one of those emotions that say hey your human. but lets say bob wasnt afraid of anything how could bob be human he couldnt because lets say his wife was about to die
lets say by cancer how could bob cry or feel any other emotion if he wasnt afraid that she was going to die.
well thats my thought sorry to bore everyone just had to get off my chest. hugs to all. bye

 kandess    2004-08-01 12:14:20 ET

     2004-07-31 18:29:55 ET
to never love is to never live
to love is to know even if tomorrow never comes
you were alive

kandess is in intensive care the doctors say that she will be ok but im really worried about her. she is the only one that has loved me enough to keep such a loser. i miss her so much. oh i guess you would like to know why huh she was at work and her blood preasure shot up i cant remember what it was but its bad her arms went num and everything i miss her so much. i think thiers something cutting off the blood stream but i dont know just if you pray pray if you dont keep her in your thoughts hugs to all

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