important anouncement    2004-07-30 11:34:48 ET
i am naked once again got sick of clothes they itch now i can be free again fralecks through feild

 questions of church    2004-07-30 11:15:55 ET
how can you go through life and never ask qestions. how can you set in a seat and listen to someone yell and spit, and not ask yourself why. if you really want to know someone you ask qestions right thats not saying you are under minding them thats getting to know someone if you never ask you'll never know anything. just a thought

ps. i did not wright this to piss anybody off that may go to church i believe in god more than most people would think it was just a thought i apoligize if it upsets anyone

 starting new    2004-07-23 17:53:03 ET
things that are going on in my life still love kandess. im buying a note book dosnt sound to exciting huh. but im going to start new as far as writting and style goes. im having a hard time trying to find the right sound that i want so im going to start over and try diffrent things and see what i like if anyone out there has suggestions im always glad to hear them so that is my post for now hugs to all bye.

 incubus concert    2004-07-22 12:21:49 ET
got to go see incubus in concert fuckin kicked ass really enjoyed myself whats funny though is as soon as incubus got on stage it was like instint weed its like it just appeared in their hands but none the less never stopped me from haveing fun unlike some people any way gotta go hugs to all.

 two more days    2004-07-15 20:24:27 ET
two more days and i get to see my favorite band in the world incubus. i love them (tear in eye) but anyway enough with my moment of braging i have had a pretty good day didnt do much but a good day anyway so thats about all i have so far i'll post again after the concert and tell everyone how it was sotill then so yall later

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