kandess    2004-07-09 04:09:54 ET
good morning it is 9:02 in the am over here and i have had no sleep but thats ok im headed that way in a minute. just wanted to post to say hey theres really not much to post about right now im happy about most of the things in my life. sure there is alot of things to complain about but pain could never compare to what i have right now kandess she is such a great girlfriend she is such a great friend and with these two things mine and her dreams will reach reality. she has given me so much i could never explain or could ever find the words to do so. i only hope i can full fill the shoes shes made for me. well that is all for now. bye for now :)

 questions    2004-07-07 16:07:45 ET
whitout pain there is no peace without peace there is no pain you cant have one without the other you cant live an entire life and never go through some kind of struggle....right? cause how can you grow as a person if you have never strived for anything if youve never been in some kind of struggle. and if thats true why wont the people that come to you for advice never listen. and i know its not what they want to hear but if you always tell them it will be ok even when you know it wont would that not be lying. im sorry to bore eveyone with this post its what happens when ive been thinking alot. thats all for today. bye for now

 ohhhh yeaaaah    2004-07-06 15:17:11 ET
is everything a baited hook
and are their locks on all doors
if your looking for an open book
look no futher i am yours
well behave like animals
swing from tree to tree
we can do anything that turns you up and sets you free

your an exeption to the rule
your a bonified raraity
your all i ever wanted
southern girl could you want me

incubus is great although i admit their old stuff
is better but thats ok. so anyway going out to eat i think
but first i think i have to go see my mother first so thats my post for now write everyone later. that sounds so weird
im use to saying see ya later but anyway bye for now

 chocolate bubble gum    2004-07-05 12:17:12 ET
today has been ok considering its like five in the day and ive been up for maybe an hour but thats cool im on my way to play some video games and take over the world hahahaha
so i just wanted to post to say hi to everyone im not even about to name them one by one but i wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for your opinions and stuff like that. :)

 song    2004-06-30 14:33:53 ET
i just started writting this last night or better said this morning at like seven. but anyway im not done with it yet but i wanted to post it anyways.

anthems ring loud
when death is coated with smiles
empty souls for the dying youth
when skin is meet with scars

what have we become
what have we become

we are not wasted
we are not weak
but invented to belive
that reality is the cells
youve made for us

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