king of fools    2004-06-17 19:47:52 ET
do you see through me
am i made of glass
in your eyes
what do you see
stairing at my walls
and locked doors

do i make you frown
when i refuse to break
do i make you cry
when you see my gates
and when you leave
do you feel the pain in me

do you see through me
am i what you thought
i would be
what do you see
stairing at the chains
they've made for me

i am the king of all
i am a leader of men
i am made of stone
and i scream loud tonight
i am the king of fools

i had just written it not to long ago thought i would post it thanks for your opinons

     2004-06-17 12:14:38 ET
dose it make you sad
to find yourself alone
and dose it make mad
to find that i have grown
but it hurts so bad
to see the strength i have shown

when answer the door
pick up the phone
you wont find me
cause im not coming home

some maroon 5 for everyone love that band
ive been listening to them alot latly there cool.
theres a light in kandess'place with the washer and stuff i cant find the switch to turn it off ive been looking for like two or three days it sucks ass

     2004-06-16 21:14:36 ET
i have something to post now. (martin luther king voice) i have a dream. or something like that. i am getting the ink done (tattoo) i am getting on my left arm a dragon wrapped around all the way to my hand and i think im getting on my right arm teardrop in chinese with a dragon somewhere around it with a tear in its eye i dont know about that one though but none the less it will be cool. i am also after i get my job im going to save my money and buy some recording time so i'm like really really excited. so that is my post for tonight.

     2004-06-16 11:03:19 ET
i really dont know what to post today. so i'll just say im playin you know i think the only thing i listen to anymore is dan cook and i need some sleep (off shrek 2 soundtrack) its sang by the eels they're pretty good
although my favorite band in the world is incubus.(i get to see them in concert):). but anyway on another note i have trying to figure out what kind of a style of music i would like playing when i first started it was rock all the way
but now that ive been playing and ive heard a large aray of music i think it leaning towards some rockish emo but i dont know any thats my post for today.

     2004-06-15 23:48:26 ET
just got back from vacation with kandess and her boss and his wife and kids. had fun fun fun fun ffffffuuuuuunnnnnn
but it raind that was kinda bad but kinda fun cause it started raining when we got off a water ride so it was ok. it was nice to spend time with kandess and her work people but miss the alone time. but we are home now so everything is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

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