2004-06-13 09:31:53 ET
hellllllllllllllllloooooooo everybody i have just waken up going to go ride forewheelin so e'verybody wish me luck

     2004-06-12 23:55:18 ET
awhile back i went on vacation and i did some writting when i got there but i'll get to that later my family isnt always been helpful in my relationships unless it was somebody they wanted me to date so i got kinda depressed and doubted(god forgive me)if being with her was right so i had written a few songs that probly shouldnt have been written but anyway she read them and we talked alittle about them. but this is my sorries to her.

Forgive me

i dont mean to make you cry
i didnt want to cause you troulbe
i dont want to make you sad
your tears cut like glass
but i understand

all these things written
were things written in pain
all these words they scream
are words maybe shes not for me
and for a moment i doubted
please forgive me

i didnt want you to know
i didnt want you to ever see
cause i know you place me high
never wanted to be weak
but i know

give me my dark shroud
covered the black
with white sheets
im sorry i never meant to make you cry
i never wanted you to see my weakness

love you kandess im sorry

     2004-06-12 12:57:05 ET
in a few weeks i get to go to classes with kandess' brother
i get to practice the karata ( i know i spelled it wrong i did it on purpose) ive always wanted to since i was a kid this was also comeing from the kid that sat in the front row of tmnt in theathre and did the fight scenes with the movie noises and all. but i tell kandess jokingly that im doing to protect myself because if you sit down and think about she could start her own dynasty. it could be like the corbin dynasty or something. anyway thats all for today

     2004-06-11 08:20:09 ET
i have always thought a poets worst fear is knowing his soul has been torn from his body or stolen but i guess the more i think about it it goes for musician as well
because without soul theirs just music without soul theirs
just words. i dont mean to be all depressive or anything guess ive just been thinking alot to much knowing me. but if i could never found my soul if i crossed a thousand mountains and could never grasp true life...........................

i know why it was never there
kandess found it before i could

 never let go    2004-06-10 12:07:08 ET
i know everybody is probly sick ive reading my songs but i couldnt help it i wrote this song for two of my friends

it gets harder to sleep
all my sheep have died away
and all i need is you
and all i want is you
never thought it would be this hard
didnt think distance would hurt
but your all i see
and your all i need

is there some way we could stay
just me and you tonight
and never let go
cause its hard to smile
when i cant touch you

it gets harder to breath
everyday your not here
cause all i need is you
and all i want is you
ive found myself crying again
i never want to let you go
your all i see
and your all i need

to many miles have torn me down
to many dreams have waken me
i need some sleep
but all my sheep have died away

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