woh... its been such a long time!    2003-10-04 08:55:54 ET
got some spare time, so is there a better way to use it then to make a quick SK.net update? sadly, the answer is hell no; my life is such a huge bore.

so, what have i been up to lately?
my life is currently on hold as i function as a mean green greed machine, trying to make some money for my upcoming AUS/NZ trip. and it seems that no matter what i'll do, i'll never get enough cash for it... and its so frustrating.
so i'm working the whole week, 10:00 PM-3:00 AM and weekends are mostly for sleep. i turned into such a bore-ball that i make myself sick.
and now, all of the sudden, i'm gonna get so much free time at hand... and i realize i got nothing in my life but work. so whats gonna fill THAT void? i really got nothing left.

and my life is grand.

=np: the anniversary - the D in Detroit=

 just another week is here    2003-09-14 00:36:05 ET
yesterday a friend came over. we got bored so i let her mess up my hair:

hmmm.... so friday i was in meirav's birthday bash, and last night i went to this really nice "indie grrrrl" party. and now its back to my life as a class A slave.

 i had a really bad dream    2003-09-11 02:29:08 ET
it lasted 21 years,8 months and 24 days.
me and a glowstick, taking a ride back home from work, 5:30 AM:
-glowstick: watch the road dude, not me dude. you almost got us killed!
-me: oh, yhea, sorry, i'm kindda tired. so whats it like, you know, your line of work?
-glowstick: you know... i get alot of gigs. its all the same: someone bend me, i glow, i get tossed around, and then after a few hours i start to dim and no one wants me anymore. all for the sake of making other people happy. so how's your life?
-me: pretty much the same. i dont shine unless i'm broken, and i dim even faster then you. you should be greatful for the fact that you are disposable. hey listen, i gotta stop for gas for a sec, ok?
-glowstick: can you get me a soda then?

=np: sleater kinney - dig me out=

 eyes, lies, eating fries.    2003-08-24 15:42:15 ET
i am so tired.
eating cold dry fries and listening to elastica.
what have i become????

=np: elastica - S.O.F.T=

 ice inside my body, blood inside my soul.    2003-08-19 15:06:59 ET
breakdown o'coming.

=np:ex voto - slice of life=

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