everything must GO.    2003-10-19 11:48:12 ET
since noon all i've been doing, non-stop, was to throw away every singel piece of junk in my room.
10 years of junk.
boxes, papers, electric shit, old love letters, photos, stories, cloths, toys... and with every item i threw away i felt as if i trow away all emotional baggage attached to it.
although im all sweaty and covered with a thick lair of dust, for the first time in a long long piriod i feel almost...

 outlet    2003-10-13 06:12:48 ET
so... paris.
i just left the modern art museum. it was kinda fun for an artsy place: maybe i gotten a little less ape-minded.
there's something horribly wrong about this city. everything is so beutiful and magical, and yet, at the same time i cant help but feeling rote, decay and detachment all around me. i guess thats why i hate old cities; i feel that their overcharged with history, lives, ideas... there isnt a single clean spot. i cant say that i do not enjoy my stay here, but yet, i feel SO out of place.
and no one speaks english here!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))

well, enough with the moping. disneyland tomorrow!

p.s: anyone knows of a good club around here?

 ...and now for the surprise phone call of the day:    2003-10-09 00:53:36 ET
so i guess i'm flying to paris in like... 8 hours.
guess i'll better get out of bed and check my passport.

 YES    2003-10-08 16:37:59 ET
emogame 2 is out!!!
this is gonna be fun...

 its those little things...    2003-10-07 16:22:57 ET
like sitting in bed all morning being a huge lazy-ass and listening to cheesy pop-punk for no particular reason.
yep its those little things that make your day.
=np: pretty girls make graves - more sweet soul=

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