half moon    2004-04-28 06:33:50 ET
been on a half moon party in the forests last night.
it was actually pretty nice.
people on X are so funny sometimes.
well i'm bored.

 islanders    2004-04-24 22:57:18 ET
so i left bangkok and after an endles bus\boat ride that lasted about 14 hours, i got to kohphangan, a small island at southern-thailand. i'm staying at haadrin at a beach called "sunset" and last night i took the 5 min walk to the opposite eastern beach called "sunrise" where all the parties are at. it was fun:)
anyway i'm thiabout staying here 'till the 5th of may, if i'll beto delay my flight to australia.

=np: crappy thai music. AGAIN.=

 one night in bangkok    2004-04-22 22:12:53 ET
so, i landed in thailand yesterday.
hmmm... thats it.
its HOT.
more on that later.

=np: crappy thai music=

 its official now    2004-03-11 02:23:42 ET
R E J E C T ! ! !
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 so, whats new?    2004-03-07 04:08:15 ET
- I got my hair cut. my hairdresser was really stoned i think; he kept mumbling "yhea man, it looks just like what that guitar dude from radiohead got... yhea..." i actually think it looks more like what alex from blur used to have. its kindda girlie, but fuckit, i like it.

- I scored 716 on my psycho exem. i am officialy a well trained test-monkey. hooray!

-i just got back from a really hazy weekend down south, that mainly included the fine art of being dead-drunk in the company of total strangers.

- got an interveiw at the american embassy this thursday. hopefully i'll get a visa into the u.s. it will make my way back from aussie a bit more interesting.

- i really dont wanna go to work right now.

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