my day    2003-07-31 08:22:05 ET
was bad. real bad.
woke up too early today to go buy some constraction supplies. i really hate hardwear stores.
got back home and tried to pass a quiet day-off by reading and sleeping.
my mom and dad wanted me to clean the trailer we got in our back yard. well, it used to be a trailer, now its the "storage space of DOOOOOOOOOOOM"!!!!
so i spent the entire day moving crates and replacing walls with my dad's workers. with a quick run to the doctor in the middle (i'm gonna be poked on sunday. yay!!!).
key words for today:
-mirror ball

fun is just puring outta my ears.
oh wait.
thats not fun.


 alive and not well    2003-07-27 15:08:10 ET
last night was weird. i went to shay's "fair-well" dinner, and then me and a couple of friends had a sleep over at my office and watch surfing movies/ fucked up scotish movies all night. we got up at 7:00 am, and i think they still mad at me for that :}
i think i got a bad case of "the weather syndrom". you know, like when its winter, you want it to be summer already, and when its summer you just wish it was winter again... and on and on and on. only that i got it for people. when i'm around people i wish i was alone, and when i alone i crave company... so much.
i just wanna get the hell outta here.

=np: NIN - ruiner=

 update    2003-07-08 03:52:35 ET
someone care? i strongly doubt it. anyway, i need the outlet, so fuck it.
lets make it short....
*life: none. work is not LIFE.
*diet: energy drinks, smokes, diet coke, B12 tablets. which is kindda cool because all my cloths are begining to fall off me.
*mood: still crappy.
*intoxication level: almost sXe.

thats all folks.

 werk    2003-05-27 15:32:05 ET
holy shit, i can hardly breath... work is killing me.
and i like it.
oh well, summer is here. i went with my friend to the beach on sunday, where i continued my so-called surfing lessons. i cought a couple of waves and 5 liters of sea water in my stomach.FUN FUN FUN!!! so we got all tired and went to my place where we did our beached-whales act in the inflated pool in my back yard. MORE FUN!!! then we crashed dead.
damn it i need some more days off.
then again, i need the money.

 my own private weekend    2003-05-24 17:04:44 ET
i just realized it's been a week since last time i updated...
well most of my week consisted of a "grim fandango" marathon + work work work. i finished it just on the edge of turning my life into a total ruin.
met a good friend and hanged around in tel-aviv. later we picked up cyberbunny and went to watch matrix:realoaded. i know alot of people did'nt like it, but hey, i just LOVED it! after the movie i spent only an hour or so at the usual thursday club because...
woke up at 7:30 am for the first time in... AGES! god, i hate working in the morning. i mean, hey, give me slave labor all night, but mornings are for sleep!!!
came home,crashed and woke up all hysterical at 23:50 (sorry about that noa). well... friday,beer,EBM,beer, smoking too much,beer,food. pictures from that night can be found on ladyorion's page (hmmm... i'm missing one pic though)
when i got home, still all spinnin' at 6:30 or so i had the most wonderful long conversation with my father. it was weird because i was still all drunk and dizzy, but an hour and a half just flew away. we talked about phisycs, math, biology, religion, meteorology, genetics... i can hardly remember it all. but it reminded me how bright he is and how much i like him. (although sometimes i can't stand him:))
woke up, went to the beach with a friend where we talked about our up-coming trip to australia. drove back, chilled in his place for a while and we ended the night with two other friends playing drinking card-games and having wild pillow fights.

i dont belive it, you've made it 'till here... well that was long!

=ears: faith no more - interduce yourself=

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