smelly, tired, but happy.....    2003-05-17 15:26:20 ET
so tonight i felt much much better so i picked up noa and we drove off to the APB concert. although i was feeling better i didnt thought that drinking will be a wise thing to do, so i stayed unintoxicated, what later turned out to be a good choice.
we met lots of people outside, hanged around, and after we got pretty much bored we went inside just in time to catch the warm-up act, observe&control. was'nt that great, i hoped for a better preformence, but it was kindda weak.
and then APB got up on stage... i cant say i enjoyed the show as much as i enjoyed the ENERGY of it. the house was fucking packed, the crowed was in amok and the vibe was awsome. this may be funny, but in a certain point i realized that the smell there was not just sweat; it was freaking FUNK... hehehe.
i noticed it was filmed, so i hope i can see one day...

 sick sad world    2003-05-16 18:51:04 ET
so i'm feeling slightly better today. not feeling that hot but all that non-stop burfing action seems to be part of the past now (yhea, yhea, we may be through with the past but the past is not through with us, blah blah)
so i had to skip this amazing DnB party. well how sad is THAT? and just when i was accepting my horrible faith (that is, a night alone infront of my computer) some friends came over and dragged me out to the movies. so we went to see "25th hour" which was actually pretty good!!! i just love ed norton and spike lee's direction was awsome.
and it had lines like:"shame-pain for my real freind and real pain for my shame friends!" gotta love it.
so later we went back to my house and watched "american beuty" while making smartass remarks. it was fun.
just talked to noa that said that the party was da bomb. oh well, fuck that merphy guy. they left a cute message on my machine though, telling me they miss me (shay, i heared you saying that you dont miss me, just the the carbar, bitch! :)) ) . i just hope i'll feel better tonight for the APB show in tel-aviv.

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 sick    2003-05-16 03:51:12 ET
last night i started herling every 5 minuetes.
while at work.
so i went home.
got sick a few more times.
slightly better now.

 strange offer    2003-05-14 14:21:00 ET
so i was at work today and while working the owners of the catering service i work for called me over and asked me if i wanna be incharge of their storage space. that includes loading up a pick-up truck before work, driving it to the location and driving back at the end of the night and un-load it. its a hard job but it pays 350 NIS (about 75$) a night and i might get the pick-up truck to myself when i'm off-work. i really dunno about that... and the fact that it's only the 3rd night i work for them makes it even weirder.

 and on a medical note...    2003-05-12 17:22:07 ET
i felt really weak the last couple of days so i started taking my b-12/folic acid pills again. and now i remember why i stopped taking those damn things last time: strangely, that stuff makes me really sleepy and depressed. i dont let it get to me, offcourse; i can't efford to. but i must admit it scares the SHIT outta me because i hav'nt delt with situation like this in a very long time.
so i tried playing some music to get my mind off it but all the songs that i remembered how to play was too damn depressing. watched t.v, but all they ever play when you need that mind numbing entertainment is ricky lake, and that's even more the I can bear. some kindda cosmic joke i guess.
so i set down in the living room for a while and watched my little brother sleeping on the sofa. i envy him so much... so peaceful, spreaded all over. made me feel a bit better. watching him sleep gave me an urge to do everything in order to sheild him, and it made me feel a bit more vital.

anyway, sun is up, better hit the sack before i'll turn to dust or something nice like that.

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