busy in da mix!    2003-05-06 01:10:59 ET
spent this morning making all the mixing and preperations for tonight.
and tonight's theme is.... *drums* V0DKA!!!
1.VODKA jello-shots (with little fruit bits inside)
2.LASER TORPEDO - secret house drink that offcourse includes lots of VODKA...
3.a watermelon injected with ... yhea, you guessed it right, VODKA!
4.frozen grapes with... oh,what was it again? oh, yhea- VODKA!!!
5.lots of breezers and apple shnapes. well, thats not VODKA (!!!) but it would do as well.

hope all that tasting will leave me o.k for tonight...

=ears: various old disco tunes (yhea!!!)=

 no way.... IT updates too!!!    2003-05-03 18:50:00 ET
well what can i say? not much i guess. and i think thats what bugs me.
i feel like i got a huge ball of twine building up inside my stomach, and i cant make it go away.
i look at people with skills and abilities and i become venom green. i wish i could paint, make music, write, design, fix cars, cook, anything that will make me feel the passion of creation. some one with an open outlet in the form of some art or skill cant understand that craving. the frustration. what it is to see an amazing painting inside your head without being able to make a single straight line on paper; to hear music in your brain without being able to play it, not even mention sing it; to have a concept in your thoughts without finding the words for it.
i feel things inside me like a big bundle, that turns grey as it being held in. like a sponge, absorbing in but nothing ever goes out. nothing i do gives me bliss.
i heard this song in the radio today, and i found myself kind of amused (in a bitter way) by its words. i guess it just popped in the right moment: (free translation from hebrew)
"something inside has been dead for years/ and the noise inside my head/ we cant catch our breath/ lots of guilt/ lots of agony/ and a pit of emptiness." just felt right to the mood.

oh yeah, the weekend was fun blah blah blah blah.....

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 every week comes to an end...    2003-04-26 14:15:31 ET
and thats when the fun starts.
this weekend was loads of fun; i went to meirav's party on thursday, which was great (only this time my drink-mixing was a total disaster).
on friday morning one of my parents friends was celebrating his 50th b-day, so me and my family drove up north to attend this birthday picnic his family held in the carmel forest. saw alot of good friends i have'nt seen in ages, drank alot of good wine and spent some quality time with my little brother and sister.
later that night i met noa, shay, meirav etc. at the usual club. it was pretty a medium night, but i was hella drunk so... :)
today involved beer, sleeping in cars, more beer, eating pasta, a little more beer, running in the rain, and beer.

have a lovely week everyone!!!!!!!!

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 gator is my co-pilot    2003-04-21 14:36:24 ET
so we went on a little road trip up north. when we got there weird stuff happened...

well, it was too rainy to sleep by the lake, so we slept in this place:

<fucked up link>

there's noa and meirav chunkin down on some eggs.
anyhow, then we pretty much drove around for a while, and climbed up this hill. i like hills. but then again, i also like skippy+cuecumbrs+tomatoes sandwiches, so go figure.

so thats noa on bunker gate six. threatening.
and then i made some coffee. again.

and then on the way home i freaked out and went on a killing spree:

last but not least, i wanna thank my navi-gator:

thats it. not much, but i'm way too tired...

 tonight    2003-04-18 19:00:39 ET
i woke up, picked up an old army buddy of mine and we drove off to meet some more army people. she wanted to see them since she goes off to a dance school in holland tomorrow, and she got no clue about when she's coming back.
it sucked ass, and after 30 mins. or so we took off to a D'n'B party in tel aviv.
i had loads of fun, met up with my sister, noa, shay and aya and had a little dance-off with meirav. the results off that little competition are still unknown (though in my opinion i kicked her ass... im more core then you, hone!!) and i'm waiting for the judges to make the call on this one :)

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