update?    2003-04-18 03:01:13 ET
hmmm.... well. better get my lazy ass to update this page of mine.
well, the psychometric madness is a thing of the past now. i took the test on monday and now i float aimlessly in the void that is my life. again. (wow! i better write that shit down!). in addition, my work places are going into their annual one month vacation before the summer madness so... i got alot of time in my hands. so i guess i'll catch up on my reading, maybe pick up guitar again, and useless stuff like that.
but first: D'n'B party tonight-gonna dance my ass off (kittie, you're going down!!!)
and on sunday- a little feild trip.

ears: fear factory-remanufacture

 things that make you wanna    2003-04-10 10:38:03 ET
put on your bunny suit and scream:

1996-playing gabriel knight 1 on my OLDDDDDD comp. loads of fun untill the game crashes on DAY 5.

2003-playing gabriel knight 1 on my NEW and FAST comp. loads of fun untill the game crashes on DAY 5.

so, whats today's lesson, kiddies?
a)i'm way too bored.
b)the computer-games godess failed me once more... i am forever doomed.

=ears: the gathering - El'enore=

 heat wave    2003-04-02 16:05:18 ET
is it possible to get intoxicated on the weather?
so this year's first heat wave started today, and its suppose to last 'till friday. i know its pretty dumb, but it made me more happy then anyone can understand. this certain weather fix my mind into this differant mode, kindda dreamy, kindda nostalgic. its the hot night, and the light breeze, and the sweet heavy smell of the orange trees flowers flooding the air. its the memories of long walks in orange plantations that are no longer there, ditching highschool to go swimming,going on roadtrips with no certain destination.
'till summer come, and melt down everything.

ears: type o negative-summer breeze

 surfs up....    2003-03-28 06:57:04 ET
i really dunno why but when i woke up now, an hour or so after my "sinister black metal guy" friend went home, i found out he has flooded my hard disc with "beach boys" mp3. bah. oh well.

i've been having those really lucid dreams the last 24 hours... they're almost... cinematic. with camera shots and angles, and a real storyline. i can swear that in one part i even heared a pre-recorded audience laugh.
going back to sleep makes me both scared and curios now.

 well...    2003-03-17 13:49:59 ET
details on return.

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