a moment of vage bliss    2003-03-06 12:09:41 ET
i woke up from my LONG afternoon sleep and went out to the garden for a cup of coffee and a smoke. then, all of a sudden, i realized how happy i am at this specific moment, and i wished it will never end.
then it ended.

 well its about time...    2003-03-02 14:46:00 ET
a little late; my version of this hectic friday.
after i finished noa's entire popcorn stock, we all got in my car and drove to the rave. me and noa sneaked our way in for free ("yhea dude, we're with the d.j... its in the freakin' list!") and heared a perfectly good set by our man DJ D.V.X go to waste because they wouldnt let people in untill it was over. then i held the traditional car-bar rules reading, and the alchohol started to flow...
-comparing "worst alley stories" with shay. (i think i talked really fast there)
-glowsticking with mea culpa (you rule girl!)
-having a toilet paper fight with this girl i dont know
-dancing to techno like a dog with rabies
-cyberbunny wouldnt shut up... :)
i can vagely recall myself running around on the dancefloor at 7:00 am offering everyone my special "house cocktail"... once a jeevs, always a jeevs.
then a dinner on saturday, some theatre, and today again... work work work. oh god, please make it weekend again.

=felix da housecat - harlot=

 *falling sound* BANG!    2003-02-27 16:06:44 ET
my life is in total collision. i really cant handle working every night 'till 3 am and studying for my psychometric exem that's due on april. eep! i really cant fail it.
worked in a kickass wedding today. the bride and groom walked the aile to "cannonball" by the breeders, and later on the DJ played some RHCP, Whale, beastie boys, Front242 and hard trance. i had loads of fun ^_^
i tried to get over my great fear of hights today by volanteering to blow off candles that were placed on a chandelier 10 meters high. yep. i'm still a little whooss.

oh, and off course:


 i'm doomed.    2003-02-22 18:27:50 ET
a little convo i held tonight:

[01:03]a dying groom:
LOL!!! so how was that charity event?
[01:04]my apertame hope:
it went o.k...
i got a job offer at the end of it. as a waiter. again.
[01:06]a dying groom:
pshhhhhhh, loveley, itay. ur really on the fast lane to become a master servant, are'nt you?
[01:10]my aspertame hope:
yhea, they should call me Jeeves.

thats my destiny.
please. someone. shoot me.

 DVX ownz me!    2003-02-21 18:58:10 ET
so tonight some friends came over. and an hour later they were blowing zZzZzZz in the air.

so i went to pick up noa (i cant link, shoot me, please!) ,my friend noaam, and an old army-buddy of mine called Lor. we all went to a D'n'B party in this place at the harbor to pay our respect to our man, the one and only DJ DVX!
that party was kindda nice, and DVX's set was fuckin' awsome. then for some unclear reason he left the stand and was replaced by this really mellow guy that played for a breakdancing krew that preformed there. that was BIZZARE. but then the party went on, so yay for me!

back at the parking lot, changing a flat tire (noa couldnt stop talking) and back home, only to find my friends still sleeping in my bed .again. for the second week in a row. i should really start charging them by the hour.

-np: bad company - laser torpedoes-

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