overload    2003-02-20 17:52:24 ET
so again i had my bizzare thursday at the harbor work thingy. it really starts to freak me out. i was working at this wedding and the bride and groom wouldnt let us take away our stuff (a big-truck load of stuff that is) until the wedding party is over. guess what? it was over at 2:30 am... so i get of work at 3:30, got class at 10:00 am and instead of heading home to sleep little dumb me is off clubbin'.
i can be such an idiot sometimes. *mega tired yawn*


i got a phone call this morning from my officer at my old unit.
in a week or so i'll be a platoon sargent again. but only for a couple of weeks. respect my aouthoritttttttttttttttttttttttttttty!!!!!!

 jeez, my head...    2003-02-18 14:41:44 ET
i suddenly got this really bad headach...
anyhow, i just watched SLC punk with noa. i kindda missed those video nights. that movie makes me so depressed everytime i watch it. R.I.P heroine bob!!!! in heaven, where the beer is free and got 10% alchohol in it!

my sis is on vacation from the army so she's taken over my beloved sarah... a.k.a my car.THAT BITCH!!!!
so anyhow i have to borrow my mom's minivan aka courpsemobile aka "hanevela". i fuckn hate that car. it got all those dents and hits on it that reminds me how bad i drive :)

bore bore bore


 crapy ending to a shity day    2003-02-12 15:21:23 ET
so as someone else said before, i hate emo posts.
but i do feel like a total jerk right now.
its like i dont have a personality at all. and when my personality raises her head... well its usually pretty ugly.

 strange thing    2003-02-10 15:21:29 ET
so today i worked in the tel-aviv harbor from 15:00 'till 2:00, and just when i was loading up some crates on the truck i heared someone saying "hey itay!".
it was this girl i know, and she was sitting there with another girl that had a really bad bleed out of her forhead.so i told her i would drive them to the hospital after we'll finish with the truck in a few minuetes, and i went to get some antiseptic stuff for her friend. when i came back they were all gone. i hope she's ok.

 febuary is a great month to buy elephants    2003-02-09 04:01:05 ET
another weekend.

its 15:45 and i'm feeling kindda blue. its that early afternoon sadness i get so often this days. i guess its the light. its all dim and grey. thats why i love summer. theres daylight even at 19:30. oh well, it'll pass when i'll leave the house.

went out to eat with a few friends last night. we had to wait for 30 min (!!!) outside 'till we got our table. so in the meantime we disscussed the many bright sides of our pathetic, unimployed lives.
so inside i met this guy that i know from the army. for my surprise,it was actually kindda nice. made me think over that entire "well, if we hav'nt kept in touch, there must be a good reason" moto.
i really have to get out of here. only for a few days. maybe the UK. or holland. i really need a little change of scenery.

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