last time i said this line    2003-01-26 12:45:19 ET
it was back at highschool... but


ok, thats it.

 fucked up morning    2003-01-25 22:54:31 ET
damn it im tired.
ok, the thing is, you see, i got three dogs. a mother called bonnie, a son called goerge and a little daughter called Lola. well this morning we found lola all curled up in her doghouse and her mother and brother running around her all nervouse and stuff. when we pulled her out we found a REALLY nasty cut on her neck. really nasty... flesh showing cut. so i rushed to the vet's and he drugged her up and told me to come back in two hours. so here i am... updating to pass time. i really hope she's allright.

yesterday i went out drinking with my indie-snob friend Noaam. she lives in jerusalem and i hardly get to see her (mostly because i HATE jerusalem so i never go up there to visit her). we went to this really nice quiet pub, when suddenly we found ourselves sonicly attacked by a bunch of really drunk irish dudes... they just went singing on and on and on and on... and everytime someone tried to turn down the music they gave him a good enough reason not to do so, if you know what i mean. we ran away from the horror as fast as we could (my ears my ears!!! i hate old irish patriotic songs!) and went out to eat. met noa and shay on our way. hope they had more fun then we did .
anyway i gotta go pick up my dog now.

 hold on to nothing as fast as you can...    2003-01-23 11:41:09 ET update.
well, been a while since i've been here, been even more time since i updated. reason? none actually. pure lazyness.
im trying to create myself a "school night" atmosphere since im beginning a lame excuse for studying tomorrow. damn it, i still cant read a thing in that stupid workbook.
my sister finished her training as a rescue-unit member in the army so i went to her army base for the graduation. got to see a video of my sis breaking a wall with a hammer... im so proud!!! *tear*tear*
i kindda miss the army sometimes. maybe i miss the whole alter-ego thing i had back there. *poof*

damn it being a grown up aint that fun at all!!!!

 bah.....    2002-12-28 21:25:46 ET
got to get up for work in 4 hours. i wonder if the sleep really worth it.
bizzre weekend. the good way. been a while since i REALLY had fun and felt good. thursday i came straight from work with a busted knee to the regular thursday metal thingie that started an EBM floor. yhea, i know it sounds weired.
although i was in great pain (i think i should sue the army for fucking up my right leg) i had a great time. friday afternoon included a little meeting with two friends about the AUS+NZ+Tazmania trip we're gonna go on next winter... this meeting offcourse ended up with us hitting each other with a globe-ball. we're gonna get along so great there :)))
later, well... the friday bash. alchohol,EBM, really weired conversations and Noa's little peircing drama (but you can read all about it in her page).
woke up all wuzzy on sturday's afternoon... went eating with noa till we where really stuffed... and then went to a friend house and made some really fucked up home video's with sock-puppets... (highscore recored for longest time to get beaten up without getting mad: 35 sec's)
thats it. in 4 hours i'll spit in your food again... (insert sinister laugh here)
being a waiter can be so much fun sometimes.

 pure morning    2002-12-18 04:25:26 ET
right... if you can define 4 PM as morning. but whatever.
i started working as a waiter two days ago. well, its hard, but everyone has been kindda nice and helpfull... so it went o.k. oh, and i got to wear a skirt! and not just a skirt, it was orange-black uniform. FUNKERRRRRR!!!
well, last night i finished working at 23:45, just 15 minuetes before my birthday began. i was soooo tired, i just wanted to go home, take a shower and sleep. but i stopped by over at noa's, that gave me her lovely BD gift: a "I HATE BRITNEY SPEARS" t-shirt. ohh.... so sweet. i kindda like britney though... LOL.
when i got home i found a few friends sitting in the dark making surprise party noises. birthday pizza. lovely.
as a gift they gave me a hugh pack of vaseline. HUH?!?
i guess its like a symbol for them "being behind me" all the way:))
lil' brother was there too, burping with some root beer, and he gave me a BD card that said: "happi birfdai yoo fag" with a drawing of a little man holding a sign that says: "dU DraAgz". i really shouldnt let him hang around so much with my friends.
thats it. went to sleep, woke up, mom gave me 200$ as a gift, went back to sleep, and woke up now.
maybe i'll go to the gym now.

= listening to: soulwax - too many dj's =

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