people are so fkd!    2005-07-25 20:39:42 ET
today i was in drama n i looked at the board.. i had written amy luvs ..... (the guy i like) n sum 1 had written all this stuff about me saying i was suicidal and pictures of me slitting my wrists with a broken bottle.. they drew stick figures of my with blood gashing from my wrist n stuff.. i cant stand the way some people work..
some people really have no idea..
xoxo : (

 exams!    2005-07-24 21:12:18 ET
i had a stupid 20 page exam today!
couldnt even guess half of it.. i guess ill b failing.. and i have a 10 minute speech to write, but also a composition for music n a drama performance next friday night!
geez! pack it all in!
haha i hav the biggest headache ever..
p.s ive started singin.. goody! haha no! i wish i wasnt so out of tune haha

 p.s    2005-07-23 02:21:45 ET
p.s. is it wierd to b confused about ur sexuality¿?

 freaking out    2005-07-23 02:17:06 ET
ive been freaking out really strangely lately.
been worndering what im gona do with the rest of my worthless life
and what if what if what if..
i keep feeling im about to lose somethin close to me
oh, and ive been having dreams which hav been comn reality
so freaky..

 one word    2005-07-21 20:41:33 ET
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