strange feeling    2008-12-21 21:43:46 ET
oh god, iīm puking the whole morning! tomorrow i have a date with my gyn.
i just make a face- mask (thermo) itīs warm on my skin, thatīs crazy!

 inqusition    2008-12-21 10:18:52 ET
today i loaded a lot of pics on myspace (sheinox)
there was one of a statue, who was naked. they deleted it, also it is art! ):

 "saturday night fever"    2008-12-21 04:02:54 ET
yesterday i was by carsten, and tattooed him on his arm. he had "ghetto" in old english and i wrote prinz(prince) under it! now he is a ghetto-prince!!then we could have go on a birthday-party, but we stayed home and watched "charlie und die schokoladenfabrik" on tv, very nice!
that was a good evening.

 my own    2008-12-18 07:14:51 ET
today i bought a little pillow for my daughter, although we made no gifts for years. the pillow was cheap, is yellow with dark-yellow-red balls on it. i think she will like it.
for me i bought malt-beer and coffee with half-coffeine, thatīs crazy, never did this before. and iīm puking the last days, have to cry sometimes and so on...
i think, we got it, although i have a loop!
talked about it with carsten yesterday, he would like to have a baby with me, AND HE SAID;if IīM NOT PREGNANT YET; I SHOULD TAKE OFF THE LOOP AND WE MAKE ONE!
i cannot believe and itīs not very serious, cause iīm to old with 42, when itīll be a teanager, iīll be mid-fifty, oh god!
but carsten(41) is very healthy , because he lives straight edge since 13 years! and so he will be fit enough for this kid in future.
but there is the financial question; i think, i can get a lot of help and buy anything second hand, i have a lot of neighbours with kids.
crazy, that he sprayed a bee- birdie on the wall of my "guestroom" a few days ago. thatīs a sign, isnīt it?

 flowers    2008-12-17 21:55:07 ET
yesterday c. brought me some white and rose roses, thatīs the third time in a short time he gave me flowers. and itīs the first time iīm in love for three years, and everyday our relationship is better and better.
i cannot believe it, this night i thougt, i was in heaven and no more alive! :) (: @>---&--- @>---)--- @>---%---
but i think, we both earn it, we had so bad times in other relationships
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