onewomanparty donīt sucks!    2008-12-29 11:54:01 ET
now iīm listening to my classic elvis cd!
itīs great!! ;)
10 years ago or so i thought, how could one like elvis, but i do now!
later i will "spin" some more stuff like björk or udo lindenberg, old ones or something like that.
today i would like to live in a lonely house outside of civilization, to make more bass and loudness and play my e-guitar very loud, but i live in a dead house, so i have to look for the loudness

 "kaufrausch"    2008-12-29 11:29:35 ET
today i was on a cult-secondhand that closes at the end of the year!
i got:
three dresses , with velvet and satin!
two pair of trousers
two pair of shoes (pumps)
a wild-leather-coat
a long black coat
a "muff" (to have your hads warm)
a pair of gloves out of wild-leather
a short dress
4 hand-bags
and that all for 60 euro!!!!

now i celabrate a onewomamparty with a lot of "becks ice" and some herbal-schnaps! and lots of selfmade cigarettes!
but itīs shitty cold outside and often i open the window, cuz i smoke like a "hafenarbeiter"
cause iīm not pregnant!!! it must have been a kind of influence or something like that, so what?!
itīs better, because of the carbamazepin and citalopram.
although i didnīt take that shit for days and i feel good!
i think, the pharmaindustrie gets richer and richer!
so i take better some alcohol today, maybe tomorrow iīll take my carbamazepin again. i have enough in my blood for a few days, nothing will happen without it! (so long i donīt smoke ganja, and i donīt wanna)
tomorrow c. and i will go to the sauna, the best to do by this fucking coldness.

 hamburch!    2008-12-28 04:41:59 ET
the rocknīroll hotel "kogge" was nice. every evening spinned a dj, friday "rotton rolf" with old punk, saturday a djane played three times "born t loose" by johnny thunders!
the roo was beautyful, te stuff was nice, only one guy was to dump to do his job in a right way.
saturday e did a shoppingtour. carsten bouht me red adidas "london", very nice!
i found an antique lamp for myguestroom for 6 euros! adan orginal ernie and a lp from sugarcubes, the old band of björk! i have see them two times in hamburg 15 years ago, and had them oly on tape, but y taperecorders are out of order. now i can listen to the again!
carsten bougt nikes vandales high black-gold an a maria with jesus on her arm.
then we went to a hiphopstore ad bought some markers.
friday evening carsten took his sketchbook into the kogge-pub and draw something. then came a sprayer on our table and draw with carsten in his book. that was very nice to see.
the party with scratchingdjs and rapper in onkel otto was crazy and for free!i thougt i was in la.
but someone touched me with his fnger in my stomach! so i hd to be a bad girl!
now weīre at home chilling!
i hope you all had a nice weekend, too!

 wow!    2008-12-25 11:19:09 ET
yesterday we had a nice evening with geese- brest i made, fist time ever!
later we went on the skaterhall in y quarte, it was free and we saw a rap-crew from berlin and a band with digereedoo and i danced till 5! it was great and i made a lot of pics, will post them the next days on my myspacepage, but today iīm too tired, cause it was familyday.
carsten gave me a sexy dress of velvet, multicoloured! and a bon for a piercing!
dad gave me hundred euro like every year, and my sister a book, a timer and 20 euro!
so i will have a nice time in hamburg!

 merry christmas for you all!    2008-12-23 23:42:14 ET
sk is my best christmasgift this year! i love you all!

yesterday i was at my gyn, he couldnt see anything, but i have to go for bloodtest on monday. it could be a tubal pragnancy, or a gastric ulcer, or a phantom pragnancy, i donīt know and wait for monday/tuesday when bloodtest will be done.
better would be, iīm not pregnant, cause i took carbamazepin and an antidepressivum, but the baby could be healthy.
we will see...

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