tv    2009-01-05 10:31:46 ET
just looked who wants to be a millionare, ok, no to bad
ow iīm watching breakfast at tiffanyīs, wt audreyhehurn, sometimes really old films are a good entertainment, but normaly fims of the eighties or early nineties are too old for me

the crows i feeded today were to anxious to come near me, but when i leaved, they took it.

 spring in winter    2009-01-05 03:14:06 ET
i just bought some red tulips for myself, so spring is in da house!
sun is shining, so later iīll go the little lake and feed the ducks(enten) and the crows with the dry bread, i collected since weeks.
thatīll be fun, crows are crazy!

 monday morning    2009-01-04 23:43:56 ET
yesterday my ex steph visited me and was sleeping in my guestroom.
the first guest. he slept well.
he was ten days in france with his family. with his new girlfriend itīs over. we talked a lot.
i feel better today. maybe the cold will be gone in the next days.
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 snow    2009-01-04 05:36:50 ET
i just made a short walk through the snow to the next market at the station. it snows all the time, eveywhere snowman! would like to play with the snow, too. but i just feel better and donīt wanna risk a new cold. maybe tomorrow i can go in the park and have some snow-fun and take some pics

 fever    2009-01-02 10:19:46 ET
yesterday evening iīve stolen a lamp outside from a working place and then the post with the (p)icknick, i think i had fever!!

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