spray action skaterhall    2009-01-08 10:08:54 ET
this morning i made pics, when carsten and two other guys sprayed in the skaterhall, will put them on myspace-sheinox- next time.
koska, willi, an older guy with downsyndrom, painted with other colours.
he makes little cute figures, very colourful! nice!!
murat has a very good feeling for colours, he uses darker colours.
kiste/carsten is special.
an asian guy made professional pics for his map for studying.
very kindly people there!
everybody smiled and talked with me.
next time i can rent a bmx-bike there and try to drive a little bit.
that´ll be fun!

 wow!    2009-01-06 13:44:58 ET
luthea salomon, a nice american singer/songwriter makes a germany tour in april, and she gives houseconcerts! maybe she plays in my livingroom!
we wrote one mail to another and planned it today, she´ll give me the right date soon. i´m excited!

 sorry    2009-01-06 05:37:31 ET
wooden recorder!
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 music, selfmade    2009-01-06 05:33:27 ET
just made a nice walk through the sun around the lake.
then i went to toys are us and bought a wooden register and a little electronic piano! and damn, i can play it!!!
it´so much fun! i love it

 good morning    2009-01-06 01:35:22 ET
today i wanted to reach my father, but then i talked with my sisters daughter a long time, that was nice. shes a nice teenie, i like the kids of my sisters much.
sun is shining, i´ll have a little walk soon.

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