poem    2008-11-21 14:11:42 ET
(a short old one,special for innerbeauty)


weißt du, was ich denke
du willst es gar nicht wissen
du denkst, was du denkst
ich denke, was ich denke
und manchmal denken wir doch das gleiche


 happy weekend    2008-11-21 11:12:10 ET
oh, this friday evenings....
my friend kiste(myspace) makes music with his friends, they´ll celebrate tonight that one of them not have to go to prison, only therapy(drugs).
i´ll see him tomorrow. sunday i have to visit my family, think i´ll better not let them watch my new tattoos, my right arm is nearly full of curious things.
got my i-pod on random, first i heard a german reggae, noslif,mittendrin, it´s about music and what it means in your life, i sang to it.
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 sweet home    2008-11-21 05:09:32 ET
had to jump into "real world", first i felt awful, although i got my new littleuglytoycat with me,because of this sleepless nights, then i felt nearly into my old flow. but it´s good to be back in my flat, i´m sorry for you ´cause i read about the extreme rassism in usa.
i hear NIN
sheinox´s adventures in space will follow..
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 my bed is my home now    2008-11-21 00:35:45 ET
don´t wanna get up, this place is so nice and safe and it´s raining outside, so i´m laying here with my new best friend, laptop,and getting in contact with the world, my own world left me alone the last years, but now i get new friends in real life again.
and now for you, sk-people: haven´t got enough experience for the work i will do on this page, but will get help next time, so i write my "biographie" here:

" born in the sixties, that what we are"
- manic-depressive-
try to live straight edge for the last 3 years, and do this the most time, but sometimes i enjoy drinking and smoking
lived vegetarian for more than 10 years, now like fish with my cats
love alternative- music, like sonic youth and nick cave and many unknown bands, still got my LP´s with many first albums and rare things like bootleg of jimi hendrix
like a little bit heavymetal like waltari
and some other things like underworld, tom waits....
love the music of my friend!
started writing, painting again and now tatooing!
wanna play my fucking e-guitar, but i have to exercise more.
like to photographe, but have no right equipment, my life is low budget, but i can live with it, it´s easy, not to work and do your own things all day, when you got the tricks to have a full fridge.
will upload fotos next time...

 back from mars    2008-11-20 04:16:56 ET
now i´m on earth again, i saw stormy and we had a nice time.
here is all the same, war is everywhere...
in my flat met hunter, he lost is left arm in streetfight.
-fuck my english is so bad, maybe next time i write in german, sorry-

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