nikolausi    2008-12-05 07:05:14 ET
i donīt know, if you have this day tomorrow.
i just bought 3 gifts for carsten, itīs too much, but i wanted it.
cause he gave me an i- pod last year and the laptop for my b-day.
and iīve send my daughter a little letter with some money in it, hope she will get it tomorrow!
i shouldnīt give any gifts for christmas now, but i think, iīll do.

 me again    2008-12-04 12:30:01 ET
but after all, i heard some jazz today, from a german comedian, itīs crazy, but when you watch him on tv, you think, ok, heīs a german comedian, but when you listen to his jazz- mussic, you think, whatīs up. and he really answered me personally, itīs no computer or some ppl, who watch his page.
itīs crazy, sometimes

 ice    2008-12-04 12:19:59 ET
i donīt wanna to disturb you all. but now in the moment i feel very cold
maybe cuz iīm listening to sonic youth again, thatīs my dream, to see them live or they should sit in my living-room and talk with me, they helped me through strange times and i wonīt miss them in my life.
two years ago i could have seen them on stage on a "festival", but the ppl in background were so mainstream, i mean i have been on festivals when i was young, but it wasnīt like that.
and because sonic youth played on sunday, the festival was from friday up to sunday, i couldnīt stand this mainstream ppl anymore, so we went home, and so i missed my most loved band, crazy, or?

 music    2008-12-04 09:22:34 ET
sisters of mercy is out now, so i listen to babes in toyland, itīs so nice, my music is awesome.
and i had times no long ago, i spend with the fucking tv...
love to all ppl on sk!!!!
iīm still so happy, that i found you!

 nice people    2008-12-04 08:07:42 ET
i had a nice afternoon with "kaffeeklatsch" with a real interesting woman, i know her for years, but we never met at home before. she has a bird named lina, she was sitting on my shoulder and i gave her some cake, i was allowed to do it.
she, the woman, johanna, is a great painter, and she showed me a little book for children, she wrote and it has some pictures in it, she made with watercolours. itīs about a pig, very nice!!
iīm so happy to be in contact with her again.
i know her from a psychotic fiends cafe, there are a few creative ppl.

i played carstens acoustic-guitar this morning, but my fingers, aua!

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