thank you lord....    2008-12-04 02:47:31 ET
yesterday kiste inked me on my riht arm, my catlady has more colour now and then we made two cherry- flowers near the hand, autsch! but i get used to it and begin to love the pain. we made pictures of it, but i forgot the camera. maybe on weekend i will put it on myspace and turbo willput it on sk, when he has the time.
when i came home, there was a message about a package. my nice neighbour took it for me. it was a big p. from my sister! when i opened it, i cried a litttle, there were 24 little gifts in it! nearly the half i opened, although we have the 4th, but couldnīt wait!
there is some nice food, cosmetics, parfume, tea, sweets and so on...
i love my older sister! she did it , although she has a lot of work!

 looking forward to "after christmas"    2008-12-03 00:12:51 ET
just booked a room in a rocknīroll-hotel, "kogge" in hamburg for 12/27!

 creativity    2008-12-02 16:21:19 ET
drinking made me creative a few years ago. but tonight iīm drinking herbal-tea without any sugar and it could be my new drug. what the hell is in it? i took my sketchbook and the new eddings i bought today and draw and i must say itīs a nice picture or is it this tea?
- i think i should read more-
or draw more
or write more
play guitar
write songs

 try to act "normal" for 1 or 2 hours now    2008-12-02 03:38:01 ET
just cleaned up my kitchen a little bit. it looked like iīm totally insame. now i go out a little bit, sun is shining. will fetch some vitamines for my cats by the petdoctor. so they will be 20 years, i hope.
i often heard about cats in the age of 18 or so. mine are 12 and 13, so i hope everyday, theyīll still healthy.

 whatīs going up in your mind?    2008-12-02 01:23:34 ET
i felt ashamed this morning, cause we had a discussion yesterday about sugar or no sugar in our coffee. and many people have to live with less than 1 euro per day! my frigde is filled with good things the most time, and i think often about the childs in africa, although i have no money to spend, thatīs the difference betweenus and third world.
yesterday, when i opened my page on myspace for a short time, there was a message of a 16 year old boy from gambia, but he wanted "more than friendship" so i didnīt answer, although i was interested in whatīs up there

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