creatures of the night    2008-11-28 02:09:33 ET
went out last night, had been i 4 clubs, met nice girls, and i danced!
no my brain hurts.

 putzwut    2008-11-25 07:01:35 ET
could escape my laptop for a short time and cleaned up my rooms with the "staubsauger". i hate it and my cats hate it, but it has to be done seriously for more than 3 weeks. now im happy that ive done it. and can chill again...

 healthy    2008-11-25 03:36:36 ET
had been at my "psychiater" this morning, shes happy, that im so fine, can take the half of antidepressiva now! and sun is shining!ill have a short bike-tour on my lovely southlake soon.

 new" friends"    2008-11-24 06:19:30 ET
today i got in contact with a punk from sachsen, germany on myspace.hes unemployed, because of the situation in eastgermany. this evening i should go out for a crime-writing-workshop, its for free and an author from my city does it. its very interesting to meet people, who write, too. but its so cold outside and i started smoking tabac and drinking some becks chilled orange, hmmm! and i already wrote this three sides we should do.

 mischpoke    2008-11-23 22:49:18 ET
saw my family yesterday, im the "black sheep", but they love me and i love them, too. and my daughter had been there, i do not often see her, and its hard to believe, that im mother of a 23 old student. she was very tierd, cause played volleyball all night, they won 53/21 or something like happy that she is not all nights in clubs like me not so far away.
everything is white outside, looking forward to spring.

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