party-bitch?    2008-12-01 14:55:30 ET
yesterday i was invited to the next or any "atomic-party" in rome. good, that i´m not manic at all, otherwise i would sit in a train to get there.
but that would be fun...

 ironic art    2008-12-01 14:17:18 ET
i wish
i could
much faster
the subject
of discussion

you can
black humor

 fresh for life    2008-12-01 02:12:52 ET
so, i took a shower. wanted to eat some müsli with banana, but had no sugar or honey. i don´t like coffee without sugar anymore!
now my hair is dry and i can go to buy some and new catfood. i love shopping. would like to buy new clothes every week. i´ll have a look, although my dispo is too high.

 where my heart belongs    2008-11-30 20:54:03 ET
poems, poems everywhere here
i´ve forgotten to write some for such a long time...
in a last crazy cleaning-action i through away some of my best newest poems, cannot really remind them. one is about my heart, the name was: "mon coeur" it is about: first is my heart a sponge, then it get swings (flügel), then it became a stone and fell down in "morast"
i´m so unhappy, that i through them away, but they rememberd me on psychotic times.

 weekendfeeling    2008-11-29 03:28:31 ET
i just coloured my hair in black again, i thought about blueblack, but then i took black. soon i have a ride on my bike through the whole city for visiting my love. he will ink me today, my catwoman from bilal has to get more colour, maybe i´ll ink him, too. he wants a comiccat.

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