a question to all sk people    2008-12-09 06:39:44 ET
do you give some money for sk, and how much?
i think i could send a little bit.

 yeah!    2008-12-09 02:50:27 ET
i have a date with a hair-cutter on thursday. she will put some RED ! ! accents in my black hair and cut a little bit. normally itīs too expensive, but i want it and iīm afraid, to make them blonde by myself.

 to be me is sometimes hard    2008-12-09 00:43:58 ET
iīm still ashamed, cause i said some bad words to the new friend of carstenīs ex on sunday, when i as drunken.but i think i said sorry soon. i donīt know, what i said and i donīt wanna know.
i hope nobody of this ppl will be there on saturday, when carsten has his gig in braunschweig. itīll be the first time, iīll see him on stage.
we both are excited! i wanna have fun on this evening, but i know, sometimes itīs difficult for me to be with ppl.

 sunday evening...    2008-12-07 11:37:38 ET
today we had been on a brunch at carstens ex. i tried to be straight edge, cause i was with carsten, but there was prosecco, i couldnīt stand without. and so i was drunken in the middle of the day, but itīs okay, i still feel fine, and c. plays my guitar,, heīs so tolerant, also heīs straight edge since 13 year; but i asked him today, if i could drink, and he said yeah!

 hamburg, weīll come    2008-12-06 01:12:21 ET
i booked a room in this rocknīroll-hotel for the weekend after christmas!normally we cannot afford, but i hope iīll get as much money from my father as every year.
i wanted the room "punk royal", but we got the "wedding suite", this is not so romantic how it sounds, because itīs a crazy hotel and this is an anti-weddingsuite! with some wood in the middle of the bed and pics of liz taylor and so on...
but i think weīll have fun there!

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