new pics!!    2009-01-11 23:56:20 ET
on friday i was at kiste´s bandroom! it was so cool, they rocked like hell!
look at sheinox´myspace page, i´m sorry, that i still not able to load it here
there was a dog, he was at my side all time and i feeded him with bread and gave him water, i would take him, but with my cats it´s not a good idea.

 not a bad day    2009-01-10 02:48:34 ET
today is the 4th day of death of my mother. she died with 66 on a heartattack. but it doesn´t make me so sad anymore.
and soon i´ll be tattoed by carsten, a gun on my left arm/shoulder.
i watched a berlin tv station today, there was a countryband named bosshoss, they are cool. a few years ago i didn´t like country, but taste changes often in life. there is a braunschweiger countryband named twang, they are cool, too.
sun is shining!

 housewife    2009-01-09 04:06:39 ET
i just bought wool in a nice green, so i´ll start to work with it today. maybe something for my daughter, i can send her when it´s ready!

 little new old job    2009-01-09 00:04:44 ET
yesterday i called the day and night clinic. i´ve worked there a few years ago for a little money in the cafe, and i heard, they need stuff.
the nurse brigitte was on the phone and she was very happy to hear from me and she said, of course i can work there!
that´ll be two days a week, in the afternoon, and i´ll get 10-20 euro a week! that´s not so much, but in my situaion it´a good job!

i hope, she´ll call me soon and i´m vry happy about this.
and my family is happy, too.

 full moon    2009-01-08 15:11:06 ET
it´s 2 on friday morning and i cannot sleep, although i´m very tired, and my body needs sleep, i can feel it.
and last night i slept only a few hours.
i hear bfbs, and just the music turned into vey bad

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