disco    2009-01-22 01:07:47 ET
just the neighbour from over me knocked at my door and asked me, if i would have a disco opened here!
since one month they would understand every text, and if it would be his taste, it would be too loud.
i had to go upstairs with him to listen, i heard a little bass.
i said sorry and made out the music, i tried to listen with the headphone, i have for my guitar, but itīs too short, when i sit on the table, on couch it will work.
i think i hve to go for checking out my ears, cuz tv is not so loud since a few weeks, omg!
but maybe it was the loudness button and too much bass, and i loved to heara little bit louder.
he and his gf have to learn, so i will be nice.

 wtf?    2009-01-20 15:18:52 ET
went to bed not to late, 12 or so, played a little games on king.com and then slept. when i woke up, had the feeling that i slept for hours, but it was just 1:30 in the night! looked at the time once again if it would be 7:30, but no! only one hour sleep! i was in a very bad mood, hated the night and wished it would be morning. but i had 1 becks ice in the frigde left and sk! and now i feel better

 bah!    2009-01-20 01:59:56 ET
today i was at my psych and told her about the fears of my ex and my daughter, i could get real insane in this spring again.
so we set up that i donīt take antidepressiva anymore and i must take a new neuroleptika again, shit!i cried a lot, when i came home. but she gave me a better one than zyprexa and i donīt have to take much.
better than to go to hospital
also i donīt wanna be dump again, and i was so creative the last time
there it goes, my beautyful life...

 nightlife and daylife    2009-01-18 23:20:20 ET
on thursday night i went out, it was very funny. i met a guy i know from seeing of years ago, when he worked in a pub. we talked a lot, while sitting on the bar of "silberquelle" a small club with sixties music on lpīs. he told me he is manic-depressive, too; and i shouldīnt worry, who was not in a clinic?!
and because o we talked so much, a young girl came to me and told me, she is psychotic, too. and then a guy camein, she knows, he was dressed in a red corsage with naked shoulders, funny!
( i have no pics, but sometime i will take pics of him)
so i went with the girl and marcello, the guy with the crsage, in another club for dancing, and then in brain, that was a very good night.

but carsten was a little bit depressed, when í told him about the creatures of the night. he donīt wanna be involved in the nighlife.
i thought, he would say, itīs over,but hen we had acalm weekend with a walk in the park and scrabble and tv and everything is ok.

this morning i got a mail from luthea salom, the singer-songwriter from ny, who wants to make houseconcerts in april in germany.
maybe she plays at my home on a friday, now. thatīll be great!
sheīs a very sweet and kindly person with a wonderful voice.

 music    2009-01-15 01:37:57 ET
today i heard mike oldfield, tubular bells. i liked it as kid and heard it all the time in the nights, it calmed me

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