cool!    2009-01-14 03:53:35 ET
today i was invited by cosmo klein to join the phunkguerilla against bad taste!!! now iīm a member, thats so cool. i can say my opinion about the projects and give my own ideas, thatīll be fun!! :)

 bfbs    2009-01-13 22:53:19 ET
listening to the british broadcast in germany, this morning they play very cool music

 wanna be healthy, wanna have spring!    2009-01-13 12:13:30 ET
now my brain hurts and i shouldnīt take aspirin because of the new piercing.
just made me a tea with honey against the cold.
hope tomorrow will be better
i think i feel so bad this evening, cuz my ex brought me down, downer than the ground

 nice!    2009-01-13 05:02:55 ET
i got my piercing on the eyebrow! it looks good!
the piercer was a very clean and calm man, so i had no fear and it doesnīt hurt so much
will take pics in the next days

 green garden    2009-01-12 21:48:00 ET
i have much fun with my new wigdet and save the rainforest, hope it is so! tom waits has a big garden, sonic youth too

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