birthday-gift    2009-02-01 10:19:26 ET
i ordered a few "spiegel" and therefor i got a mp3-player. but i have my i-pod, and if i would sell it,i wouldn┤t get much money.
so i give it my ex stephane, he lost his mp3 in france and he is in hospital again, so i try to load his favoured music, french hiphop, or some seeed and redhotchilipeppers, and bring it to him tomorrow.
his birthday is on 17th, but now he needs it more.

 gifts from heaven    2009-01-31 20:02:56 ET
yesterday we made a walk and i found a cool bike and a radio-taperecorder from sony! now i can hear tapes again, that┬┤s so nice, i have so good stuff on tapes!
it was a very good day- carsten and i walked to a bookshop, where i wanted to sell my thriller and krimis, the name of the bookshop is "mord und totschlag"! and it is in the "Karl-marx-stra├če"!
but they couldn┬┤t take the books, so i gave three to a girl in the streeet, she gave me 2 euros, that was nice.
the rest of the books i layed down in karl-marx-street and in a cafe.
then we went to a psycho-cafe for lowbudget ppl.
there i know most of the ppl, cuz i worked in another psycho-cafe for a long time. it was nice.
after that, we visited kr├Âte, a friend of carsten, they have together the "kr├Âten-kiste-crew", hip-hop.
he has a very nice flat and is happy, that his gf moves from denmark to braunschweig in a few days!
and then i found the things.

 corral?    2009-01-29 08:56:05 ET
i really think about to live at the corral here in my city. i know some ppl there and there is one wagon without a person who lives in now.
it would be hard in winter, but in summer it is so great, maybe my cats would try to look around, too.
and i would have much more money.
otherwise i have this 3-room flat and i love it. but i don┤t wanna live with so less money anymore.
what do you think?
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 schmacht    2009-01-28 23:14:15 ET
oh, i need a cigarette so much!!!
soon ill go to see if there┤s some money. i hope so.
otherwise i can get 1,50 euro from my bank and so i can take a milk ad 2 beer. thank god i have catfood and still something to eat!

 damn, money is the shit!    2009-01-26 03:43:58 ET
we had a great weekend witout money, only a little bit.
carsten gave me a few euros for buying tabac, although he is straight edge for 13 years!
this morning i had been in the whole city, for selling cd┤s and books, but nothing.
in one bookstore i have now a date for june! by phone.
soon i┤ll go to a lp-shop to sell my jimy hendrix, it hurts, and i dunno, if he would buy it, but i think it┤s better to go personelly than on phone.
wish me luck!

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