this weekend    2009-03-05 12:47:23 ET
tomorrow we will go to a poetry slam. i think it will be funny.
on saturday i get the dog jack for dogsitting, till sunday evening!
he´s a very nice dog, yesterday i got him for three hours. but i hope the cats will be friends with him on weekend.
i was very tired today, slept on couch with tv 2 hours, worked today on the secondhandshop.
but i´m thankful to have a little more money.

 no $    2009-03-02 01:48:13 ET
my "garage"-sell was bad. it rained all day, and only 2 ppl were looking, but nobody bought anything, at 2 we gave up.
but i can sell the bike i found, to the girl with the dog, and she gives me the dog at wednesday for 3 hours, for to see how it is when sh´s not there. on friday she was here with jack, the dog, and the cats were in my sleeping room, but they took food from anni and had a look at the dog. so we will see.
the little job in the dayandnight clinic´s clothes-shop is nice. tomorrow and thursday i´ll be there again.
today i paid my telephone and internet bill, but the next one will come in a few days. so i have only 100 euro for this month, but a little bit more for dogsitting, when it goes on, and a little bit of the other little job. and maybe anni gives me 20 euro for the bike, when she takes it.
otherwise i´ll have to ask my father, if he could give me the half of birthday-money in april now. but that´s not so easy. because he gives money to my daughter every month, too.
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 little wonder    2009-02-23 10:37:18 ET
today the nurses of the dayandnight-clinic called me and gave me a liitle 2 hours job in the clothes shop for tuesdays and thursdays.
just a little money, this came from heaven!

 little monster    2009-02-21 05:06:06 ET
i got a new tattoo yesterday by carsten! on my left under arm.
it´s a sweet and crazy little thing with a big head and a little body and little vampire-teeth, so cute!! that´s my baby.
he draw it a few days ago on paper and i said at once, that´s for my arm.
a pic will follow on sheinox´s page on myspace at once.

 hard stuff    2009-02-15 21:28:40 ET
on saturday me and carsten went to a tea-shop, where a band from netherland played some kind of new-orleans-music with a banjo and a selfmade instrument, so cool! all three were singing.
the only bad point was it was an invite of a new girl from carsten´s work, she came to us, and i saw, she was surprised, that i was there, too and not carsten alone.
she thinks, she is the best dancer, has a myspace page as "disco-nina",oh god, what a fucking name! but she cannot really dance, she is only posing and thinking of ppl looking at her all time and presenting her tits in the right way. she looked all the time at carsten, and i know, he thinks she´s hot!
later on her birthday- party, she invited me too, she had to because i was there!, two bands played, one of them the first time with audience.
the girl "danced" all te time, and before the singer of the band arrived, she took the micro! and "quak, quak"!! came out of her mouth, it was bitter, she thinks, she can everything!
later carsten rapped one song in a session.
i drank a few beer, all ppl smoked, so the air was full of grass, and someone brought a bottle of amaretto, and placed it in front of me, so i drank too much, but on the party nothing happened.
but on way home i told carsten, that i saw, how he looked at "miss strecktitte" and if he wants her, he should take her, and sth like that, and then i run away from him!
i went back,but he wasn´t there anymore. i cried all way home.

but when i came home, he was there in my bed and everything was ok!!
thank god.

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