party autonomously    2009-07-20 08:55:15 ET
saturday we went to "nexus" an administrated place of events. there was a "sommerfest" for free.
first we saw 3 guys with a trolley full of percussion, that was great! even the kids there had fun with them, a little girl took the micro and entertained the ppl.
then 2 slammer from münster gave itīs best, very funny!
later 2 bands played, we saw one of them, carsten knows te guitarman, and the singer was a great entertainer, too.

we had a nice time, and i felt ok without alcohol. met a few ppl, and shaked my ass a little bit to the music.

on sunday we had a long walk, carsten invited me or an italian lunch-dinner and on sunday evening thee was a good tv-film and he massaged my feet nearly for an hour.

how great life can be with the right man, sometimes...
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 compliments    2009-07-13 09:09:34 ET
today in cafe a guy told me so much nice things, that i turned red and couldnīt concentrate, but heīs ok and knows about my bf.
and we laughed about it with an older man, who told him, if he wouldnīt stop it, my friend would hit him with his guitar.
( carsten is not a brutal man, never would do this)

but the best thing was, when i came home, there was another new mail from claudi of bielefeld, i know from myspace, and we had some phone-calls, too.
last week i had some mails with another woman of berlin, sheīs very nice and interesting, too.

and on my daughters birthday on saturday we had a long call, too. she might visit me in august

maybe tomorrow afternoon iīll visit a painting workshop, allways thursdays.

but another little cinema closed, the big "cinemaxx" is the only one now in my city, that hurts

 respect    2009-07-10 10:07:59 ET
to myself..., cause i went swimming again this week, also it was cold, but in water it was great, i love it!
i made exercises for nearly one hour, and you know, iīm dipolar, but this summer is great without beeing manic, i love it

and my daughter got the gift to her birthday on saturday, to go on vacances to croatia with the family of her bf. she worked hard on her studies, and iīm very happy, that my daughter is intelligent, she learned spanish in her youth, and she learned to speak english and frensh
in school, she gives lessons in spane now and she makes lot of sports, i donīt know, itīs not from me...
but i know, she likes reading, cause i read a lot when she was a child

 summer in the city    2009-07-02 06:33:41 ET
thursday morning i went swimming at seven! for more than an hour. iīm not used to it, wasnīt swimming for years, so i felt all my muscles after it.
but itīs great to feel the water, and iīll do it once or two times a week now. itīs only a walk through the park for me to get there.

yesterday i was in the training room of carstens new band. it was hot, and cool in their cellar. and itīs a straight edge band, nobody drinks or smoke there, but they have a great humour.
in two weeks they`ll have a gig on a big private b-day party

iīm wearing dresses all the time, and most ppl like my new tattoos, even older woman

i wanna sit in my fridge!

 crazy    2009-06-24 10:38:01 ET
just made a comment on sepulturas "status", cause they are in prague and wheather is bad an they wanna go out to have some czech beer, and a few minutes later i saw, that they visited my page. never thought, they would do it.

before i went out for shopping, and the young lady gave me 20 euro too much back. i told her, then i was angry about that, but i think itīs better or my karma or so

monday i worked at "psycho-cafe" and everything was fine, there were not so much guests, but i had a lot of good talks- then, in the early afternoon, an older woman came in with hate in her face and sayd very bad things to everyone, espacially to me. she was drunken, and dont took her medicine for a while, we think
it was very hard to see her like this, like a shock
and the things she sayd to me were very hard, although i had been nice to her in the past
and even to the nurses she was in a very bad mood.
i hope i will never be like her

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