where is everybody? (NIN)    2009-01-01 22:38:40 ET
none of my buddies is online, im boring!
it snows a lot!

 no risk, no fun?    2009-01-01 16:26:18 ET
i know, this is not that sort of journal, but life includes that...
so tell me the most exciting/worse place, you ever did it?

-in the snow, bad
- on a mountain, high
- in the nature. ok

i prefer bed, want to try it in a lift

for to not kicked out of sk, i mean picknick, ok?

 happy....    2008-12-31 19:51:01 ET
wish you all a happy new year/ new years eve!!
whatever you do on this mainstream-party-day...i was sick in bed, like iki, hope youll feel better soon! i do a little bit.
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     2008-12-29 12:13:37 ET
elvis is the best!

 space-taxy?    2008-12-29 12:10:01 ET
in hamburg i read this in the "morning post" :
you can get a journey in space now for 210.000 euro. but it takes 5 days of training and then you are only 40 minutes in space! 105 meters over the earth or something lke that, im not used to use numbers...
i want a lift to the moon for ten $ or50, maybe i will take it some day?

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