Merry Christmas2003-12-25 19:40:06 ET

Christmas. Not my favorite holiday, not in the least. but, today went ok, great actually. so, I am trying not to lose too much faith in the whole x-mas spirit.
i'm doing a list clean out. i hate people that talk. and i was doing great until i heard that people did. so, fuck it.
work will go great tonight, had a good time, plenty of drink and caffiene at the same time, and i have enough in my stomach to take in a bit more caffiene.
i'm listening to soundgarden at the moment, and it reminds me of those times where i either did too many additives, or, drank too much with the usual couple of friends every night.
sometimes i wish those people were the same old friends i knew, but then, if i were still there, i wouldn't have met the love of my life, and i wouldnt be clean. (now its been 9 months) I am so proud of myself. and i love my boyfriend an incredible lot. he is my reason for waking up everyday, and the reason to work my ass off.
i hope you all had a good christmas. night all.
have a good one.
and, cheers.

wowo2003-12-23 23:47:20 ET

Life is an ever changing amazement.
And every time I seem to give up something happens,
or someone helps me out.
At times, I think it's pointless to have faith in humanity,
because there are all of these things that bother me,
and that affect how my day goes, because of people.
But now, I say what the hell, I, and only I control my emotions.
And I shouldn't let my anger get out of hand as much as it does.
It's a waste of time.
As depression is.
Because at first, I felt down, because i'm so far away from him,
and then, presto, a revelation.
And now everything is happy go lucky.
I like my job, according to census.
And everything is great, i'm not stressed.
It's one step at a time baby.
And then it's easy street.

I give my love to you all, and I hope that you have a great christmas.
And that's honesty.
Bonne nuit.

All of this - Blink and Robert2003-12-23 23:30:31 ET

Is it weird that I love this song?
Some part of me feels like I should be ashamed.
Perhaps it's because Blink 182 has something to do with it?
But then I love Robert Smith.
He has a rockin voice.
And The Cure.
Don't even get me started.
Hope all is well.
I am great. :)

Blah2003-12-23 05:02:39 ET

Work, has given me hours.
Work, has also made me stay overtime today for something a co-worker fucked up on.
Gotta love politics eigh?
Last night, was a pretty messed up night,
but, hopefully I have gotten rid of a bother.
Met some cool peeps tonight, finally someone else to drink with. Though, I should probably stop my alcohol intake.
One of these days.

Add-on, drop off2003-12-20 08:33:53 ET

Additions to the apt.
I'm not saying it looks bad, i'm sure we can make it work,
but the space we have to work with is minimal.
I'm just hoping for some hours at work, and perhaps some art on the walls.
Here goes wishful thinking.
I can't wait to have my boots back.
I miss my green Docs. -sniff-
Hope all is well.
The Z-Ster

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