Untitled # 12004-01-02 00:06:00 ET

Work was ok last night, I for the first time since I was hired, was the only not-angry person there.
I had to stay an hour late.
But, afterwards, I filled up the tank, and drove for a good hour. I found some places that changed my thoughts on texas not having any scenery.
I was alone, and I didn't feel guilty.
I listened to sigur ros the entire time, took some pictures, and for the first time in six months, not one thought came into my head.
And I was completely content.
I can't remember the last time. Aside almost a month ago.

I feel like disappearing for a month or two.
Just not tell anyone where i'm going, and be by myself.
I hardly get that time anymore.

But that never happens anyway. haha.
hope everyone had a good new year.
i'm out.

2003-12-31 07:50:26 ET

happy fucking new year. :)
this one will rock.
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bangarang?2003-12-30 15:52:02 ET

Remember when there was that time ages ago, when work was something to look forward to.
Now I feel that way. Strange isn't it?
Thanks to derilictnovocane i now i have my new years resolution.
And I slept till 6:30 tonight. it always throws me off waking up when its dark outside. kinda freaks me out because then i have to ask myself, where in the f am i?
It hasn't happened in a while.
So this time it was shocking.
I like people thinking that i'm crazy or there is drugs involved.
Because since they don't know me...
everything is up to the imagination.
And this, is what I look forward to,
especially since no one bothers me.
Anyone have that one person that makes you whole?
mine, oddly, is my twin sister.

Anyone have a resolution? If so, speak.
au revoir.
-Zoe Rants.

ps- twang, is "the good"
the dill pickle kind is the bestest.

Beautiful2003-12-29 02:02:19 ET

It's the way to educate your eyes.
Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop.
Die knowing something.
You are not here long.

- Walker Evans

I don't think this needs an add on.

la vie, devient la raison2003-12-28 11:05:04 ET

As i'm sure you know from V, Staci or 'asinfulmystery" is here.
I'm taking some time from work.
And I have noticed that alot of relationships are falling apart, as someone else mentioned from sk. (though i can't remember exactly who)
Tis a sad thing. But i've talked to some ancient friends of mine who sadly I had forgotten about.
Probably because we hadn't talked in 3-6 years.
Crazy how these things happen.
And how often lately.
All is well in my world of claustrophobic cabin fever. haha
over and out.

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