Something I think about2005-02-19 06:31:54 ET

I have this insatiable need to make things different for myself.
I am also thinking of travel again, it's been quite some time for my standards. My problem is, that I love him.
Sometimes I just want to break free, and feel nothing, because it would be easier for me to do something for myself.
People make caring out to be too serious.
I've found a class that I want to and am going to take. It would cause me to have to stay a bit more in florida though and this is something i am not sure that I would like to do.
I'm quitting my job next week, to go and get another accounting job, screw working with people, most aren't worth it anyway.
I've been doing more art lately, I am purchasing an accoustic guitar soon, he said he would teach me.
I don't talk to my family much, my grandmother is in the hospital.
I never called for christmas.

2004-10-19 10:38:00 ET

The hurricane took my house, but honestly, i'm having a blast now, I feel free of some burden. Mostly what occupied my time before then.
I'm doing alot of art stuff lately, and i'm playing my viola when i can.
It's funny how tragedies sometimes make everything better, not for everyone of course, but some people luck out.
I mean our anniversary is 9/11. So i guess (and i'm not cracking on either dates) things are okay.
It's been a while since i've been here. Hope all is well.

2004-09-22 06:08:40 ET

First post in a while i'm sure.
Well since a couple of days before Ivan hit.
Three days of hell before, during and after. Neurotic. Define.
My house is in shambles, well it wasn't blown over but in the fact that it will take a couple of months to repair it, i'm almost back where I started.
I hope the rest of the p-cola-ians made it through better than Holly and me.
But as they say, things happen for a reason right?
I've been in Fort Walton for almost a week now, and so aside being around a beau, i've gotten some time to think.
Pensacola looks depressing, it looks like a war zone especially with the national guard packing the metal.
But i'm not worried about it really, I talked to someone who made everything seem and sound alot easier yesterday. (thanks mom)
And I also have someone who makes me smile just by glancing.
So, it's a little easier to overlook this minor setback. Like I said, I hope all is well.
I'm out.

2004-08-16 09:14:41 ET

well im in florida. i've been here since wednesday.
things are going great i have two jobs now. got them the second day. other than that i have a drug screening for one today. wish me luck. i cant breathe well today. weird.
our house looks retro now.
its great. take care
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2004-08-10 05:59:43 ET

As usual here I am thinking of whether to postpone my trip or leave today. I only have a few hours now to decide.

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