You know how I feel2004-07-10 17:46:22 ET

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me,
and i'm feelin good.

Thursday, I got back into town. Back in Virginia.
It's time for a drastic change in me.
No more of this person i've been. And i'm completely confident in that.
New website near the beginning of next month, regarding art, the zine, my sister and her soon to be husbands business, and photography. More info when it's all up.
Other than that i'm starting a music project, and it's happening when i get back from visiting my family. 2 weeks from monday. I am now single again, none of this would happen if I wouldn't have been introduced to this freedom again.
cheers all.
-Zoe Rants

(Nina Simone - Feeling Good)

Metabolize The Truth2004-06-24 14:54:54 ET

Today I slept in. For quite a while actually.
I woke up to Holly knocking on the door because no one could get ahold of me.
Then we went to go get the rest of my stuff from the apt I used to live in. It's great because there is this hat that I thought got stolen.
Then I went to my house and got cleaned up, i'm not sure exactly why I got dressed as if i'm going out but then i remembered there is the music in the park thing tonight and from what i heard it's jazz. So hell yeah i'm going.
Other than that i'm kind of stoned right now, me and holly smoked before I left the house, but i'm not too proud of my joint rolling abilities today. Last night was pretty crazy. But then again, aren't they all.
Tuesday i'm leaving p-cola for a bit. I'm going across country to the neutral colored wasteland where I was born so I can take care of some stuff and my sis can see the fam.
Other than that, thats my life at the moment, pure and simple.
I'm in love.
and i'm out.

2004-06-13 13:38:09 ET

I haven't been up to much lately.
Helping a friend out with moving stuff.
Dealing with my own problems on the side.
Life is a bastard sometimes.
Other than all of that, the weather is horrid here.
I hate humidity.
And in the way of travel, i think i might do some soon.
The question i ask myself though is, where to next?

ble-blee-bleep2004-06-03 12:49:29 ET

It's now been close to two weeks since i've done the "9 to 5". And its been a good two weeks.
I've been pretty productive and i'm hardly ever home now.
I've been helping a friend make her life more comfortable. (moving stuff, putting up stuff)
And i've started drawing and painting again thanks to her. I haven't really been sober for a while now, but i'm not drinking or anything just smoking out with some friends. I've found, that it makes me feel more creative. At least I know that i've gotten my paintings and drawings done while under the influence.
Other than all of that, I have things to sort out with mail. And things to sort out with people who obviously don't realize how important the mail actually is to me. But i'd like to think I have a good head on my shoulders, and I know it will be straightened out one way or the other. Always is.
I feel comforted in knowing who my friends are.
Most people don't get that opportunity.
over and out.
-Zoe Rants-

Rant2004-05-26 16:28:02 ET

there are times when i wonder whats going on.
and now i just dont care.
but i'd like to see more respect going on.
for things that are important to me.
and i'd like to see my birthday go well.
thats all for now.

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