2004-08-06 08:46:08 ET

Tuesday I will be headed back to Florida.
I have enjoyed this little vacation area of this year.
And things are going pretty smoothly about this trip.
yep, thats it.
no time for more at the moment.
im out.

Inquisitive2004-08-02 11:13:30 ET

I've just realized that last month alone, I spent 9 days of my life on the road. Granted I got alot of good pictures. But i also spent a week of life in hell aka my hometown and turned into something of a monster. But I got a new tatt from it. This month, i'll spend two days on the road.
And near December I have to do all of this again, but this time it will be 4 days in all on the road, for my sister's wedding, I have an obligation to go because i'll be the maid of honor. I'm getting the honeymoon room in New orleans for them. That should be enough from me.
I can't believe for the first time in my life I don't want to travel. But i'm doing this to help a friend. I am getting alot done in this time of travel though, that has to count for something other than exhaustion.

Time is a friend now2004-07-30 20:25:27 ET

Today, I wrote a new intro to the zine. The ninth now. And I am ready to type it all up and be done with it. The envelopes are in construction.
I got a call from a good friend today. With some rather unhappy news.
And I must say I have lost respect for someone. (You know who you are, at least you should.)
Tomorrow, pictures, prose, photography will be born. And with some luck, sex, and pose will occur in them. I have some sort of inspiration.
Now, it's time for me to pour my soul into this. Are you ready?
Just be.
-Zoe Rants

ps- the zines name is Theorbitum (roman numeral 2, since i cant type it)

Blick2004-07-25 18:39:27 ET

Well it's approaching the end of this home visit.
Tuesday is our departure, and things seem to have looked up today. I feel at peace with the reason for coming here now, and I am now in possession of my viola.
I also have a new tattoo. Something i drew. My uncle did it for me and it rocks.
Other than that there isn't much to report.
Hope all is well.

Update from the desert2004-07-18 09:44:12 ET

We got here on Friday in the evening after nearly three days on the road. The scenery was rockin until we got into Arkansas, I now have a state to dislike. (sorry people that are from there)
Things since we got here have been on the ups and downs. But it's only the second actual day here, so perhaps things will look up.
There is alot of horrible pressure in my head.
But it's nice to be able to go outside when the weather is in the 100's and not feel like you are being hugged by the heat.
Shade, is wonderful. I forgot how nice that is.

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