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2002-08-23 05:50:20 ET

Hay there. Graham called yesterday he;s so upset. because he wants to come home and he can't . i really wish he wasn't so sad.
Things are getting better the melancholiness that has been looming over me like a black plague is releasing its grip somewhat. and today i am going to the Bata Shoe Museum with my mom. Its going to be great fun! i am a shoe finatic! Hopefully i don't have any panic attacks
9 days until i see Graham!

My entire being is being ripped apart...
2002-08-21 19:15:02 ET

So there you have it. I think i am dead. it would be a lot less painful then this. I wish my sister was close. i miss her, and i am so very frightened that i will never see her again. but i will do everything humanly possible to see her. i love her so much. i wish she was here right now. so i could listen to her sleep and push me off the bed. I know that she is somewhere under the same beautiful sky i am. Just in houston texas and not pickering.

My suffering has just gotten worse. its all building up inside. the power in which i have towards myself is scary. scary to know what i am capable of doing. let me out of this horrifying cage of anguish. let me be free. but then again. freedom is just a word.

2002-08-20 14:03:08 ET

Eek. A woman in Nigeria is being stoned to death because she gave birth to a baby out of wedlock.. But nothing is happening to the man.. Funny, isn't it?
Its so sad the shape at which our society has formed itself lately. Or over the years i should say. We forget so easily about all the people that helped get us to the state we are in. To who we are today And so many people take for granted the wonderful things we have. Like clean water and clothing. There is so much beauty in this world. Its a shame that it can be hard to see.

Evan and I were bike riding today. We feel numerous times on the rocks and i scared the jeepers out of him. We had many interesting conversations.


Music: Ozzy Osbourne "gets me through"

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