2002-08-28 15:38:22 ET

okay grant is my good friend.. he's the only one that sends me pictures!
what a beautiful day and world this is. its so awesome! i got envelopes so i can mail people letters, yahoo! four days graham will be home! and i bough two new awesome shirts yesterday! its so great

2002-08-27 09:54:00 ET

graham mailed me a letter. if he called me it would be so much easier to talk to him. and much easier to explain how i feel. curse his camp!

// new pictures \\
2002-08-27 04:41:19 ET

yes.. you heard me correct. i've got up some new pictures, its my bestest buddy Grant from Regina : ) isn't he a hottie?!?! (see now you can gloat grant)

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